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Welcome to KitMaker Network forums. This is where all our forum based discussions happen outside of our normal ‘magazine’ type content (news, reviews, features, etc.). Of course you are free to post any scale modeling related topics here. We hope you enjoy the new image upload capability of this new platform. We are sorry to have to leave the old site behind, but it’s getting pretty old and sadly it’s time. Enjoy!

Just a reminder that you will need to “Sign Up” (above right) for a new account for the forums. New site, new database, etc.

You can use your Facebook or Google login if you want to make signing in super easy. Also if you are a security nut (like me) the site also supports two-factor authentication via an app on your phone.

If you are having any issues confirming your email, please let us know either via the old forum or by contacting us via email (support@kitmaker.net). Make sure to let us know the email and username you used to sign up with.

If you are looking for a good tutorial on Discourse and all the ins and outs check this link out:


Can the new forums “remember” your password/username for automatic sign-in?

It does on my phone, but I then have to log in if I try and reply using my work PC, so maybe it only recognises one device at a time ?

From what I could see in the settings (and have experienced) you should stay logged in persistently on any device UNLESS you logout on that device. At that point you will be logged out on all platforms.

Remembering username/passwords is more a feature of your browser these days, and yes it should allow that.

I think the reason I have to log in to my work PC each time is that it’s a military system, so there are other safeguarding measures in play.

Yeah they have have switched off cookies or session caching of any kind. That would do that.

It seems that an account needs to be created for each of the sites…but it will not accept the same
user name. Do I need to create different accounts under different user names?

No more Historicus Forma? And curious about the KitMaker subscriber number and things like that. Going to take some getting used to but so far so good with the forums.

Randy :slight_smile:

It won’t accept you using “Grauwolf” on one of the content sites? It should unless someone already had it (which I assume no one does yet).

I am not really seeing much point for HF if only a few people are using it. We can roll more of the historical figures and such either back into Armorama (if military) or into ModelGeek if there is an interest for that. Nothing is set in stone yet though and I will keep an archive of HF after it goes offline.

I am using Grauwolf for the Kitmaker Network but when I try using Grauwolf in MSW it wont
accept it so I tried using another username and same email and now system tells me that
the email is already in use and it rejects my subscribing to MSW.


New forum looks and works great and as already mentioned is very smartphone friendly. I like the two factor authentication as well.

A question I have is if it is possible to not allow people to start new topics on the old forum, just continue existing conversations and force them to use the new forum for new topics? There are now 2 locations where people can start conversations.


Something new here! Just testing to see if this post takes?
~ Eddy

I’m genuinely confused with new Forums. Will old be continued along as it is right now, or at some point in time both will be somehow merged?

There is an account on the MSW content site for you already using the same username and email you have here on the forums. Did you get the authentication email sent for MSW? I would just try logging in on MSW with your credentials to see if that works. If not try the forgot password feature there using your email.

Also (and apologies I thought I had fixed this on both the development site and the live site), please only use the login screen that has the Google capcha on it. There is another system login that doesn’t have that and it will FAIL and not allow you to login. I will get the dev files uploaded to stop that from popping up as it has been, but that might have caused many of you added headaches on the MSW site. This is the screen you want to login on:

There won’t be a merger. The old sites will be archived and available as flat HTML web archives. No new content or posts will go on them past that point.

Thank you JIM!..Its working now.

Well…I’m old and not exactly computer literate…but if you can upload pictures more easily then I’m all for it. " We fear change"-Garth (Wayne’s World) Yes, I quoted (paraphrased)Garth.

I am not really seeing much point for HF if only a few people are using it.

Okay, wasn’t sure if maybe it was being added later or something. :thinking: