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Tim asked me to repost these suggestions for a campaigns section over here, so here goes:

Is it possible that there would be a separate campaigns section and it’s just not designed, or having such is not possible?

I think it would be great if there were a campaigns section that listed campaigns much like what we have now. It would be great if for each campaign you could have a page with a list of rules, list of participants, picture of the ribbon, a link to the official thread, and a link to the campaign gallery. I guess that is much like what we have now.

Being fairly new here, with a transition, would it be possible to have slightly larger ribbons? I’m fine with what is there now, but we seem to occasionally get good ideas that don’t really scale down to something that small.

Hi Phil,
Whatever format the new campaigns process takes will be formed by posts in the forums, etc. So if we want a specific format for new campaign proposals with say a poll to determine interest in that campaign that might be one way to do it. There won’t be any awards system like the one we have currently though in that campaign managers award via an admin panel, etc. The best scenario for awards on this site is to use the badges system and award those via a spreadsheet of user names provided to me at the end of the campaign. Similarly the badge award will need to be provided to an admin to upload and create the badge on Discourse.

You can see one test case badge on Tim’s profile already.

Really sucks with the ribbons, but that is what it is.

Can ones profile have a banner like previously? Then the ribbons could be put there :slight_smile:

No but I see you beat me to my next suggestion. :smiley:

Signature lines may become an option. I am sort of waiting on that till we get more people here and we can do a poll on it.

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Ha ha, exactly :slight_smile:

It does not fit all 272 ribbons, but maybe I can make a picture that fits perfectly. What is the exact size of the picture if I am doing that?

Well on my system it shows as 1100 x 300.

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an interesting idea regarding the signature banner being used to display previous awards

Hi fellas! Just made my account here, with no problems (formerly ComradeMP).

Wanted to ask, how will subscriptions work? I had a subscription back on my ComradeMP account on the old forum, can I switch it over to this new one?

The previous Subscription scheme is handled via Patreon now

Just an FYI that “Hello reader” thing pops up at random while you are using the site so not on every post. :wink:

Another one of lifes little mysteries …

All is not lost: the patron thing is available in the ‘Want to Help?’ drop down menu as well

Great, thanks for the info.

Received an e-mail from PayPal telling me that KitMaker Network canceled my automatic payments. Goodbye #12 I guess. :disappointed_relieved:

Not so… it will always be there on the archived site.


I may be able to do something like a custom badge commemorating your past support for this site once I can devote time to that. Doubt that will have the subscriber number on it though.

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That sounds great, Jim! I also have the Gold badge and would like to keep it on the new site.

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Not a big deal. Didn’t want it to sound like a complaint. Just feeling a little nostalgic I guess. Just one of the many little bits of “bling” I have been proud of over the years, just like my campaign ribbons and the Contributor medallion. I’m just a couple of weeks away from my 17th anniversary with Armorama. I love the site and will continue to be a avid supporter. Its a great site and I have made some good friends over the years here via the forums. Thank you Jim for the site and best wishes for continued success. :beers:

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I’m liking the new forum a lot.
It is leaps and bounds better than the “old”. I went to the original yesterday and it was frustratingly sloooow, so I’m going to stay here.
Good job!
Now if we could convince all the members to switch over…


How do we post a topic and upload photographs of our models?

Bill Morrison