What are people using to replace MM Metalizers for engines and exhaust?

Tried different things with less than satisfactory results! I hope someone will start putting out the same line as its really needed!! Any info or advise???

The Vallejo Metal Color line is actually really good. It is an acrylic, which I prefer.

Corsutton…appreciate the advise. I know there has to be a good way to go. Losing MM Metal paints was NOT on my list of things to not be available!!! Hopefully someone will see the need and monetary gain to get into that type of paint!

I have been using MRP. Great paints!

Vallejo Metal color, good with brush for figures also :wink:

I’ve been using AK’s Xtreme Metal line since a year now. just love the stuff. Even keeps it’s sheen under Tamiya’s X-22
or Revells Aqua Matt Varnish.


They look good Donnie, can they be brushed ?

generally, they’re Airbrush ready, but they also have a waxed base line, that can be thinned and brushed with their White Spirit. The Line is called “True metal”. Haven’t tried it personally yet, but they got some videos on Youtube, demonstrating how to used it primarily with a brush. So far I saw, it’s also polishable…



My go to for metal is alclad for airbrush and Vallejo for brush paint

True, I have and use Alclad. The ones I am going to miss are the burnt metal and other metal add ons …Don’t have all that much experience with Vallejo.

Well guys, with time and experience with Alclad I will purchase more Valejo and try those .Mig and MRP and see what they are like. 'Preciate the info and advise!!!

Alclad II are the way forward. So many different colours.

My only bug bear with them is they are laquer based and I have to strip the airbrush down for a proper clean in between each colour and at the end of each session.

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the problem is these all need to be airbrushed. the MM metalizers were rattlecan and were quick, easy, and no cleanup and time saving. what is there in rattlecan available?