What did you do in your modeling workshop today?

Glued on the intakes and the top fins. Just need to add the bottom fins then paint and decals.


I hate it when the Top Brass decree Yard Work.We’ve done a lot this year already, but I could a lot more in the shop…

Forrgot to say, great use of legal pads! Paint looking sharp.


Just before the Easter Holidays I finished painting and most assembling of my Airfix Vamipre. I’m not amused that it became a tailsitter because I was quite optimistic that I put enough weight in the front fuselage … :unamused:

… so a bit of Uhu Tac will help me out …

Now follows decaling and that are more than on my latest M48, as you can see in the background :smile:


Glued on the bottom fins of the Taurus.

And the top and mid fins on the Storm Shadow. Waiting for the glue to harden before adding the bottom fins. I had quite a time trying to clean up the gates on them. You can see how tiny they are. As I was uncaging my eyeballs from staring at them, my eyes set upon my Hold’n’Fold. I clamped them in and easily cleaned them up.


Nuln oil and some detail painting.

As soon as I figure out what to do with the pioneer tools, it’ll go flat.


Slapped on the tracks today, needs a few fiddly bits & flat coat.

Still waiting on snow products to arrive before trying ground work.


Slapping tracks the sequel…still waiting on antenna & flat coat.


That’s outstanding Wade. Those winter tracks are something else! That is truly a tough act to follow…

But I’ll try. Pioneer tools got very subtle colors via dry brushing some silver metallic and some flat tan and gun metal acrylics to give the impression slight wear on the overall color of the individual tools. I dunno.

Shot it flat

You’ve noticed both the mirrors are broken off the Beobachtungspanzer due to my clumsiness.

Here’s my ridiculously complicated fix:

28 gauge plastic wire insulation, .125 in long:

You can just barely make out the printing on it.
Stretched over the pin on a push pin after being cut almost in half

And slipped on to the mirror stems (in the foreground)

Gun is not yet permanently mounted on the Kanonenjagdpanzer, but the 2M antennas are on the Beobachtungspanzer along with the air defense MGs.

Getting close to the finish.


Metal wire would have been my choice.

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That would make way too much sense, Robin.

I dunno why I decided to put them on when I did. I usually leave stuff like that for the final finish.

Must have been feeling confident that day.

Or was it competent ?


Must have been something but I prefer not giving it a name …
:wink: :grin:

Leaving fragile bits for last is the first choice, as soon as it breaks it’s time for the wire.
Assembly instructions finish one area completely before moving on,
I nearly always assemble the big parts first and the smallest last.


Moved into my new digs and during unpacking I came across the box containing my shelf queens. I have pulled two out to kick start my mojo and will now finish. First up the AFV Club M42 Duster. I started it by filling the dreadful sink marks in the indy tracks and then assembling them. The last few nights work:


The word(s) you’re looking for might be hubris or more accurately stupid and futile.

My second most favorite picture for discussion purposes only from the Tankograd reference is this dude from factory road testing a Kanonenjagdpanzer. Note the pair of Hazet wrenches stuck in the loop for closing the hatch:

Anyhow, that’s what I’m conveying here, a pair of factory fresh vehicles after being delivered to their respective units.

@petbat , I have an elderly Tamiya M42 in the wooden toy collection; I’ve always wanted to try the AFV club offering- looks like your off to a good start on yours.


I had the Tamiya one too. No comparison really - despite some AFV Club accuracy issues, it is still light years ahead of the venerable old Mr T offering.

I have some more details and pics over here if you are interested:


Some last painting on the nurses and the mechanic #Clubmobile

And a simple base for the jagdpanther


My lips are sealed.

My favourite style of weathering :grin:


Yeeeaaah Al I might have gone for brass or solder wire for those mirrors, but yours is a unique solution…did that come to you in a bad dream? Anyway, a great fix and they both look outstanding, I love the subtle weathering on the tools and they both look factory fresh without looking like models.


Thanks Matt. These were pretty decent kits that were pretty well engineered.

The tracks were a PIA, but other than that, the only real head scratchers were the fuel can mountings and the sink marks that didn’t really show up until after paint…my fault, although I’m not sure gray primer would have shown the sink marks on top of the search light or on the sides of the fighting cabin above the tracks.

The sink marks on the search light sides were pretty obvious and got the Bondo treatment.

Does this look familiar? It’s a prototype RU251 SpahPanzer with the exact same running gear as the Kanonenjagdpanzer and the Beobachtungspanzer.

I’ve got a plan for this one- it’s gonna be a what if kinda thing. Like what if this was adopted and fielded by the Bundeswehr and was in service when the Leopard 1 came on the scene….

I’ll be rummaging through my bin of leftovers here….


All fins glued and both Taurus and Storm Shadow are ready for paint and decals. Someday.


Don’t get burned out on this suspension!