What do you use to display your finished models?

Hello folks !

Just curious here : what do you guys use to display your dioramas or finished models ? I have one diorama base displayed currently in a “Eket” box with glass panel from ikea, however I find it quite bulky, and not dustproof. I taped some foam weatherstrip on the sides so the door seals against it but it’s not ideal…

I’m looking for ideas for 100% dusproof solutions for displaying individually dioramas…

Hoping to hear from you !

Detolf glass cabinet from Ikea. Prices just went up from $60 US to $80 US but still a good price for a glass display case. I currently have five lined up along a wall.

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I used to have a detolf, but sold it because of dustproofing issues. Tried to stick weatherstrip in place but it wouldn’t want to stick to the glass.

If they’re not tucked away under a bed or in a closet in a plastic bin or a shoebox, I use barrister book cases. I’m not much for displaying them in my house. Once they’ve been seen they’ve been seen - especially by the girls. I take a bit of a Zen approach to modelling, much like other things in life. It’s not so much the completed model for me as it is the process of building it.


Guess I’ve been relatively lucky in that regard; more problems with cellar spiders taking up residence behind them in that narrow space. And cat hair in the bottom. The humidity here seems to keep dust manageable.

I use glass cabinets as well but they don’t keep out the dust at all. Several years ago a very old department store in my town went out of business and were giving away all kinds of stuff like display cases etc., all you had to do was be able to lift it and transport it. I couldn’t find anyone to help me and so I missed out on glass display cases that would have held a lot of my armor. Oh well…

Hobby lobby, Hobbylinc, Sprue Brothers and others have these cases in multiple sizes which are dust proof

Display case, this one from Ikea.


Yes, that’s the Detolf.

Oh! Same as yours ? Good product, I’m satisfied with it. But I would say it is a medium quality product. Must be carreful because shelves are not fixed, they are just sitting on iron bars, without parts to block the movment of the shelves.

Where I live in California, dust is a major problem so any display case needs to seal. Earthquakes are also a real issue so glass and weakly secured shelves are right out.

When I need a new display case, I take measurements, head down to TAP Plastics, have them cut plexiglass to the size I need, and make it myself. That way, each case is exactly the right size and seals against dust. Models not on display go into plastic tubs with gaskets that seal. Everything gets secured to withstand a good shake, such as strapping book cases to walls.

Though I do not currently own one, I really like barrister book cases like the one 18Bravo uses. They are very sturdy and withstand shakes well.

The shelves are designed to be long enough that they won’t come off the side rails when assembled correctly, but as far as the quality it has slipped a bit now that they moved manufacturing to Turkey.

The Detolfs also lend themselves to mods, as there are plans online for combining 2-3 into one larger case plus multitudes of additional shelving options. These cases are super popular with action figure collectors.

I looked at the Ikea Detolf and it’s OK. What I don’t like about it is that it appears to be a 1/6 doll and statue display case with a lot of height. When it comes to 1/35 armor, one wants more shelves and less height. Also, it’s not fully sealed as the sides have gaps to allow in air and dust which leaves a fine line of dust at the gaps. There is no key lock. It will work if you have the floor space, but Ikea also sells others for a lot more money.

Modelers with Detolf can buy plastic risers for added “shelves” to increase display space and have AFVs and figures above each other stacked.

Amazon plastic risers for display

I picked up a wall mounted, locking, lit, mirror backed, display case intended for high value retail goods. It really makes the models look good. I need to pick up another and clear off some of memorabilia to make room for it.


Taylorrl, beautiful display case, nice collection !

Problem with the DETOLF is it lets in dust all around it. I’ve seen one solution which was to fit a self adhesive brushing seal around the open edges.

I have no display at home. I just store the model kits in the storage room. But now, I’m working on a Ikea library I have in the living room full of DVDs. The DVDs are going to a trunk full of toys and I will display the kits in that library. This one library but white.


I have got a led stripes to fix in the upper side of each shelf and will close the front with a clear sheet of acetate fixed with double-sided tape. By now I will take only 3 shelfs, the other 3 will remain with books by now. I have to go step by step with my wife :rofl: :rofl:

I have acquired these over the years.

The two the left were custom made by a defunct outfit called Gemo Displays,the two on the right were from a local thrift store,and I got the big middle one real cheap last year at a house sale


I forgot to mention, this is what I have at work to display the bikes that my uncle and me made years ago

Not dustproof, but it’s nice

Another one


Wow those are some nice display cases Anthony

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