What empty bottles to purchase for my airbrush cleaning fluid?

Good day all,

Another question I have is, what empty bottle to purchase to put my airbrush cleaner in?
With the airbrush cleaner I purchased which you can find in a previous post of me.
I got an empty bottle with it already, but it’s 200 ml and that’s not easy to get cleaner from one it’s getting more empty.
I had the same inconvenience with the Tamiya airbrush cleaner.
And I’m just now wanting to solve this.
But I have no idea what to purchase.
I have already looked on some sites I know, but not exactly what I look for.
If you can give me a hand, it would be nice.

Have a nice day and happy modeling.

WILLIZTER 500ml Safety Wash Bottle Tattoo Wash Bottles with Scale Labels Plastic Lab Squeeze Bottle for Tattoo Supplies Medical Squirt Wash Bottle (3PACK)

I brought these from the “South American river” people. I like them because they don’t allow any evaporation, not a bad price in the UK at any rate. Hope this helps👍

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Several US chains have the perfect ones at a very inexpensive price. Check your local arts and craft store and look around the area with the oil paints. I think my last 4 pack barely ran $1.00 USD each. I think I loaded mine up with distilled water, rubbing alcohol and generic acrylic paint retarder, less mess, less fuss and easy to dispense.

Thank you, I have written down the suggestions and I will take further action on them, probably later.