What I did with my bench time yesterday

So yesterday I spent my normal bench time babysitting. Just held and fed my 6 week old grandson Landon for 4 straight hours while he slept or looked at me. We had a grand time. Brought me the same peace, serenity, and contentment that model building does, but with a lot of love thrown in. I am already picking out Snap-Tite Star Wars models for him. What a great way to spend an afternoon.


Congrats! No winter camo?

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Good on you ! I have my first grandchild on the way . Mid May they tell me - a girl . Can’t wait. I remember feeding my daughters when they were infants. The most contentment anyone can feel .
Thanks for sharing this - quite a handsome lad I might add.

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Nice! Mine get all squirmy now when I hold them like that.

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Great. Make the most of it. My grandkids are at the age they can drink my beers! Not good.



No, but at least they weather themselves.

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One of my greatest joys was holding my grandson for the very first time. :slight_smile:

Warning! That’s not rust!!!

Hopefully they have the courtesy to partially replace your stock on occasion. :wink: