What is the strangest subject to model?

Looking for opinions on what others may find as a strange subject to model - to each their own of course but for me - Bandai has issued a 1/1 scale “ Cup of Noodles “ and I was just perusing the pre order section on the HLJ site and someone is offering a sushi kit and you can choose between tuna and salmon .
Is it just me or does anyone else find these subjects odd ?

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I think “what if” vehicles are odd, but I think they are fairly popular, so what do I know?

Is that the “Pete Rose” Limited Edition?!! :exploding_head:

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Wonder if that resin kit has the same issues with air bubbles and shrinkage?
Brings the visible man kit to a new level.

Making realistic 1:1 models of food dishes is apparently a pretty popular hobby in Japan. If I understand things correctly, it’s associated with the use of such models as advertising displays for restaurants and other food vendors to show their dishes.

A strange subject? Chalk it up to the cultural differences that make the world go-round! LOL!

But, hey, I guess if it blows your kilt or kimono up, who am I to say?

Yep, saw this a couple of days ago… Putting individual rice grains on this Nigiri seems to be as funny as individual track links:

There is also a Tuna version :slight_smile:

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what if with really weird color scheme for me (started panting my takom P1000 as if it was a ship because of how big that thing is)

The weirdest thing I have seen is the Balloon Dog with internal organs kit…


This is actually quite funny :rofl:

The recently released 1:1 Panzer link (“One link only, Vasyli”) seemed kind of random and pointless to me, but I guess some folks found it interesting as a potential conversation piece.

I love the visible balloon dog, but i think it would give me nightmares. Is it 1:1?




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That Tsar, or Lebedenko, tank would be interesting in 1/35 though …

@Robin_Nilsson You want that as an interesting build, then try the paper one. One of my club members is a card modeller (builds kits out of paper and cardboard) and he built a ‘kit’ of this… the spokes almost sent him mad… sent the rest of us mad just thinking about it.

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So that’s what’s inside the Jeff Koons Balloon Dog! :+1:t4:

When I grow up I might just try a 1:12 scale version - replace the t*res from the front wheels of two abandoned bikes in our apartment block garage, boost a training wheel for the back & fabricate the rest from balsa & styro…then add a detachable saddle & I could ambush unsuspecting Sunday morning cyclists doing circuits of the nearby park oh what bliss :smiling_imp: :tumbler_glass:


Where can a paper / card model of this be found in 1/35?

1/25, scale down in photocopier?


Thank you. This looks like it will be fun.

I am laughing way to hard at that mental image .