What the postman brought today (Armorama)

We had threads like this running successfully for years on Aeroscale and Automodeller in the old Kitmaker but not on Armorama, so I give it a chance here. Join in and show us your latest catch, no matter if it’s another kit, a book or some AM stuff. We want to see it!

I kick off with what I found yesterday in my bag when I came home from our club meeting which we held at our hobby shop. The owner is also a member of our club. Very dangerous …

I had ordered the latest edition of Revells Dingo …

… but when I saw this kit on the shelf I knew it would be an expensive afternoon … :innocent:

… the Bundeswehr LARS 2 from Hobbyboss is finally out! :joy: Not a cheap kit but who cares? I wanted this since I saw it in their catalogue. And I have seen the real thing in action once during my service time in the 1980’s. Nearly 500 parts give me lots of building fun next year …

Torsten :beer:


After selling a large portion of my stash and virtually everything in my library, I am building both back up. This is what I’ve added to the stash in November.
cover cover cover cover cover cover

Added to my library:


Here are my most recent additions


Thought I would share, so here’s what I had today from Evil bay, got it for a good low price (pre-owned).

And was even happier when I opened it up to find it all still sealed in bags, but you must of got the dragon troops as an extra in the box .

And even better, this was in inside from verlinden which wasn’t mentioned in the listing :grin:


With so many great kits been released i thought I’d treat myself a few for my birthday. I mostly do allied armour but the bergepanther from Takom really caught my eye!


New books bought on sale at Sprue Brothers.


I think my wifes lawyer is watching this site so I shall show NO photos of what the postman brought today.
Thank you


So today…not very exciting but it’s useful to me …
My first saw arrived :grin:

And although not a kit in the true sense… It did come in kit form originally…
I got it for a steal and have been after one for ages…

I had to go and collect, but it was well worth it … As now it looks like this :grin:

It will only be for completed kits…stay safe.


My latest purchase.


A good razor saw is essential, especially for really thick gates on sprues. I still use mine; an old X-Acto one. I just use the blade without the handle.

A display case would be a great, if I ever finished a kit! Nice to keep the dust and cats off it.

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Those darn :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:cats! They are facinated by antennas! :smile_cat:

Very nice cabinet for your treasuries, John. My models are all dust catchers on a rack …

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Some modelers use cat whiskers for antennas. :slightly_smiling_face:

Something you’d find on a Tiger I or Panther maybe even a Leopard tank, ha!

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Black Friday purchases from Spruebrothers @ 20% off.
The little Firefly will pair nicely with my Toon Tiger.


All for a building project that I intend to start this weekend


Where did you get the miniarm products from?

Hi Dan,

That would be Hobbyeasy, Hong Kong. Cheap and quick. Just how I like it.

I thought overseas mail was slow pre covid, I’ve been waiting so long for this to show up I had forgotten I’d even bought it!

Looks clean at a quick glance but time will tell.


Just arrived! My last kits for 2020.
cover cover