What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Do they supply some kind of jig to get all the bends correctly? Really would like to see this one built, especially that radar array.

Hi Armorsmith,

No Jig but I can see you can easily work the PE to cradle on the plastic radar support and take the full shape.

Visit to Sprue Bro’s for tow cable ends and only tow cable ends for existing kits in the stash, quickly escalated out of control :flushed:

TRex has a lot of spiffy products :flushed: and like Tiger tracks & T-72 lights. Can you really ever have enough of either?:heart_eyes:

Yes, the box art sold it to me. I don’t need it and don’t want any more Panther Ausf anything but that box art :two_hearts: :heart: :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart: I just want to build because of the pretty picture :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat:

Have a G2 and my OCD & mathematical natural said if one has a G2, one should also have a G1. Only logical explanation & reasoning.

That is all - now back to boycotting China :cn:


I have that Meng Jagdpanther kit, am about halfway through - beautiful kit! You will love it. I also have a set of TRex tracks, those are game changers for me, I wouldn’t use anything else when possible. But i’m not so sold on TRex other sundry printed items, the accessories seem to be printed in a much lower resolution than the tracks, so tracks good… accessories not so perhaps (although the plastic boxes the accessories come in are very handy!).


The box art is always half the puchase, Wade. Same happens to me when I see all the lovely aircraft box arts from Eduard … :grin:

Good on ya! I also try to avoid chinese products wherever possible. Let’s support Lithuania instead. :lithuania: They are on the black list of China … :astonished:


My Landshipmodeling ST-26 bridge layer and track jig arrived.

Check out James’s build thread. :+1:


So… I kept true to not purchasing anymore new kits until after New Years… well, I ordered this one before New Years due to a limited time 20% off deal… but then I did not pay until Jan 2nd, so that counts. This arrived in the mail on Friday. Anyways this is Italeri’s old 90’s vintage 1/35 Porsche Tiger kit, Dr. Porsche’s competition against the Henschel design.

When I get around to building this one, I will modify it into the sole example that saw combat as a command tank on the eastern front in 1944.


New mantlet cover arrived for my Centurion build. Hopefully this will work and look a bit nicer than the vinyl AFV Club one I’m trying to work with.

Also to justify shipping as this came from Sprue Brothers, I finally pulled the trigger on this Roden kit that I’ve been having lustful thoughts towards for a while now.

I’m not super excited by the reviews I’ve read, but it’s the only game in town for an SMP Dodge ambulance and these babies were the backbone of the RCAMC for many years.


I have the same DEF mantlet cover. Way better, single piece, not “rubberized”, efficient, and trouble free when painting.

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Has that radar mesh PE already been pre-formed into that “egg” shape?

And easy thing to do with a die press - not so easy to do on the work bench.
Maybe use a US Football as a die to form that shape?

So today I went out for a bit of hobby shopping after a dr’s appointment… if you’re out, might as well make it worth your while….

After stopping by Hobby Lobby for something I was of to Andy’s Hobby HQ with my gift certificate from IPMS that my M151A1 won last November in the meeting contest. I picked up some paints, a few other goodies, and this little beauty…

All in all, a good day.


Maybe it was a kit from the’70’s.


Flares, collars you could hang glide with, platform shoes, body shirts and a body that looked good in them… where did my youth go?



I think you’re really going to like that kit. Nice haul!!

Same place these outfits went.


Don’t forget the ties which were often the same colour as the shirt and around 8" wide. Jeez, with our short military haircuts we must have looked d**ks(!)


There is a French built campaign going on right now. I have started my kit as a Bulgarian vehicle and so far Tamiya smooth. The tank is small, makes a Stuart seem decent size.

Also, if I lived that close to Andy’s to walk in, I would be living on the street. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thats still the height of fashion in Australia innit?


No, apparently thrashing the English Test Team is the height of Aussie fashion at the moment!

:grin: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ooooh! Harsh!