What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Quick question I have the artillary towing truck from above and the 12 pounder that goes with it what are my best color options as I usually don’t venture into WW2 subjects.

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@Armor_Buff Hi Wade, thanks for the heads up. I haven’t forgotten about some of your other posts lurking around the forum about Takoms Pz. IIIN, so I am prepared…… I actually have Takoms refreshed Pz. IIIN as well, the more recent one that comes with winterketten.

I have had a look in both boxes, the “A” sprue in both the Pz. IIIN and the Stug. IIIF boxes are absolutely identical as far as I can see, and yes, the road wheel halves don’t seem to mate together without a little sanding.

The tub for the Stug IIIF though is a completely different tub from the Pz. IIIN.

The suspension arms into the tub are a little loose, and for sure will need some careful checking of alignment when assembling. I wouldn’t be too critical of Takom on this…. my RFM Sturmtiger which i’m 70% through the build of has a very pronounced rocking motion to it. I very carefully checked the suspension arm alignment whilst building… but built one side at a time and FAILED to check the alignment between sides :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Check out this short video below, I think from memory this is the only existing Stug F these days. The Takom kit looks very much similar to the one in the video, except Takom has the longer L/48 vs. the L/43 barrel of the video example.


Where did you find these?

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My apologies!
I’m from Russia and the company that makes these products is also from Russia ( WinModels). And you and I have mutual problems with purchasing goods from our countries. :slightly_frowning_face:
I found one store that could sell you this, but they don’t have this item at the moment. There is another one that seems to be able to do this. If you write the city where you are, I will try to write to them and then give you the contacts.
But most likely it’s easier for you to look at this product, which is functionally identical and located in the USA: LMG BB-05 AFV building berth for plastic model kit, 1/72-1/35, storing system | eBay

And it costs about the same.


The company that produces these laser cut stands is called Laser Model Graver and they are in Ukraine. Order directly from them. https://lmg.in.ua/ Make sure to scroll through their entire catalog - they have dozens of brilliant items. I have the turntable, the AFV stand, and the track jig and they’re all fantastic tools to have. The prices are really low, too. They also produce model transport boxes, paint racks, and tool organizers. Great stuff.


Matt, now I won’t be able to buy any more kits in February as my whole “defense budget” is about to get spent on “logistical infrastructure”.

On serious note, there’s an excellent looking tool rack, I can’t wait to order…me to LMG


Agreed. I really, really didn’t get on with either of the Takom StuGs I have started. One went in the bin, the other is on the shelf of shame. Noted all you describe, they weren’t fun.


Picked this one up today. Its an older book, but the pictures are great. Wish I had this 14 years ago when I was building the Tamyia 88.


Thank you so much!

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I will check them out. Thank you.

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The boat from China arrived recently and offloaded. Cyber-Hobby orders marked in red… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…and all sorts of goodies, even Tamiya badges from the land of Dragon’s…

…best of all, Cyber-Hobby collector’s items that were NEVER to be re-issued, are being re-issued in Dragon boxes! I didn’t drink the Dragon/Cyber-Hobby kool-aid so I’m happy to see this!

Even sweeter, finally landed a Dragon Puma which somehow had always eluded my grasp. Never imagined, buying three Dragon kits again…ever.

Rounding out the shipment, an RFM Challenger.

Despite the notoriously bad fit issues for the 1942 STZ T-34, I’m stoked to add another favorite Soviet tank to the stash.


I have all 4 original Dragon Sd.Kfz. 234 armored cars. One or two may still be in the original shrink wrap. The others look beautiful in the box. They await the fateful day when my modeling skills actually match my expectations.

That Rye Field Challenger II is on my want list.


That Puma is a great kit,I remember grousing about it being about $45 at the time for a small kit,what did it set you back?


It wasn’t too bad 338 HKD or about $43.26 US with free shipping due to the other stuff. I bought the Tamiya logo’s just to get over the threshold for free shipping.

I’d passed on probably a dozen Dragon/AK Puma kits priced in the $80 to $110 range on fleabay & mail order speciality.


Some reference for my upcoming builds.


I finally broke down and got a spray booth thing. I’ve got a dryer window vent kit coming to plumb the exhaust out the basement window.

No more self leveling thinner setting off smoke detectors. (I hope)


Nice. Were these used in the civil war?

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If I recall, yes, they were used during the Russian Civil War.

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In all the wars of that time, on all sides.


A package from Hobby Easy arrived today, a number of new kits and some other detailing bits (not shown) and a set of the one piece Infini 3D printed workable Panther tracks, these are fantastic and really are taking full advantage of 3D print technology:

And a package from AFV Modeller as well, with some 1/16 detailing sets for the AHHQ & I Love Kit Shermans, and Gecko PzKpfw II. Expensive stuff, but some of the best 3D printing and design around.