What the postman brought today (Armorama)

I’ll second the idea a mini desk vacuum is an outstanding tool to have available! I couldn’t find the DSPIAE version and so repurposed a small mini vacuum from Amazon. My hobby desk stays much cleaner.

It’s also fairly helpful (with nylon over the vacuum nozzle) finding parts that land somewhere in the carpet.


Think I’ve mentioned this one before. Purchased from Amazon: ‘Mini Vacuum’
Very handy. I use it for almost every building session. :hammer_and_wrench:



Any plans of adding a 25-pounder to that quad?


Looks like the holder for the hull is magnetic? Good idea!


Welcome to the club :muscle:t3:

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Yes you are right. Neodymium magnets - they are stronger.

And the handle is made of two parts: during installation - long, during further work - short.


Shapeways parts for Stryker DVH A1

They look nice, now on which of my 10 Strykers should I use them :sunglasses:


I would love to build a model of the Morris Quad in your picture, The Tamiya Kit is of the Canadian built quad, my Uncle Bob Drove the former, Someone somewhere does do one, Must get my hands on one sooner rather than later before the prices go skyward.

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Coming 1/31/24 -



I was just looking for a painting stand, these look fantastic

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Yes I dived in and got one from my favourite online model shop over here Jadlamracing.

That does look very nice.

a Mk two just like the one My Uncle Drove in Iraq in WW2.


Wow, what a difference with the old Tamiya💪🏼


The box art sold it for me on this one… looks great. Particularly like the camo.

Although i’m not super excited about the gate locations on the sprockets?!?!


@barleeni David, the Takom Pz III/Stug III “A Trees” contains unpleasant “surprise” unless Takom revised the trees. The torsion arms have a sloppy fit and extra care is needed if the wheels are supposed to sit level. The wheels don’t fit together correctly either until the modeler does a bit of sanding. The tracks & track runs have a lot of ejector pin marks on the inside face

It’s nothing that can be worked around but in my opinion truely sucked for a new era ~2020 kit.

Comments based on my experience building the Takom Pz III ausf N. in first ~60 or so posts.


Hey, Wade. If I recall correctly, you pointed me at an article detailing a severe problem with Takom Panzer III hull pans. Am I remembering correctly and did Takom ever fix the issue?

Takom’s Mid Production Jagdpanzer 38 (no interior) also has a lot of ejector pin holes in the tracks. I received one for Christmas.


Doug, I’m not sure if Takom felt the issue merited being addressed. Here’s where the Takom new Pz III N with winter tracks was discussed. Many of the multitude of the original kit’s faults are mentioned in the thread.

The CAD drawings made it appear some hull issues might be but no suspension issues were being addressed. If I recall correctly, one of the experts pointed out several dimensional errors with the Pz III/Stug III hull original Takom kits which may or may not matter to various folks.

Building my Takom Pz III, I suspected it was full of dimensional errors because it “looked wrong” in certain areas, that was later confirmed by knowledgeable folks (Ron-Owen Hayes) on Missing Lynx. If I hadn’t spent some time at Aberdeen looking at a real Pz III, probably wouldn’t have noticed.


Thank you, Wade, for that link and additional information.

I have an old Dragon Panzer III Ausf. M, built but unpainted. It is very hard to compare dimensions from photographs but in terms of road wheel placement and spacing, my Dragon Panzer III looks very similar to your Takom Panzer III Ausf. N.

I keep asking about Takom Panzer III based vehicles because they are fairly cheap and look well done to the untrained eye. In my opinion, if the people at Takom improve their accuracy while maintaining the current price, they will become excellent all-in-the-box models.


I think Takom has very real potential to hurt some of the other manufacturers “feelings” and bottom line. Takom despite some goof’s seems to be working hard to get better and improve. I admire that in an upstart company and hope they are all sorts of successful in kicking sand in the mighty Dragon’s face.


Motrak Models 3oz spray can rack. Some assembly is required.


Received Wed 24 Jan 23:

Contains a nice 9 X 12 color print. An 89-page history book with tons of photos. Separate booklet of markings for the decal sheet. Instructions are a clear 18-page method of building.