What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Jeez Al! The modeller tried hot water, no luck. Resorted to “level by a thousand cuts”.

This lot arrived yesterday. I’d tried Humbrol enamel for the M109 but the ‘brush doesn’t like it. Thinned it with Tamiya enamel thinner which may be the problem. Back to good old Tamiya desert yellow, thinned with Isopropyl it flows beautifully. The pens are pt 2 of my Make Better Mirror plans.


I am just integrating the plow in my T-72 build. Now I learned that each plow is lowered individually by a hydraulic cylinder. And of course Trumpeter provides only one cylinder and on indications how to attach it. All I can do is buying another set for 14 Euros for two tiny parts. Shame on you Trumpeter!

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Humbrol should be thinned with balsam turpentine.
Some of the better quality white spirits can work with Humbrol.
Other enamels do not like balsam turpentine.

Thinner - paint compatibility test
Items needed: Smooth solid surface, glass with coloured paper under will work nicely.
Saucers from the kitchen will work too but can cause domestic issues.
White paper for dark colours, dark paper for light colours, need contrast.
Thinner candidates,
Good vision.

Place a small drop of paint on the solid surface.
Add a small drop of thinner candidate
Add more thinner if it seems to work.
Keep thinning until the mixture starts getting transparent.
Wait a minute and check if the paint has started to form clots.

If the paint forms clots the thinner is not a good match for that brand of paint.
All enamels are not equal just as all acrylics are not equal.


Yes, exactly. I thought it was part of the TOON series kits.

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Is that dingo modern tooling ? Ive always wanted to build one

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Okay. Soooo…I fell off the wagon.

Like, from orbit.

Everyone has their favorite vehicle. This is mine. It did not end up under the Christmas tree so I took matters into my own hands and it just arrived from China. After finishing my current campaign builds, this will be my next model, along with an Italeri M47 already under construction on the factory floor.

Many of you are very skilled at composing dioramas. I want to try my hand at it and have numerous trailers and support stuff on my Want List. This was on sale so…here it is. It should make for an easy and fun build.

This one is for a trade with Wade (Armor_Buff). I hope they are worthy of one of his excellent German World War II armor projects.

I wanted this the moment I saw it. Well, I wanted the M103A2, but that was out of stock.

As a kid, I built the Tamiya M48 and want to build another as a nostalgia build. According to Gino (HeavyArty), this is a better model. Since this one was on sale…here it is. It requires replacement tracks from Takom.

Since I want to build at least one of each modern US tank, I need an M1. According to online sources, the first Rye Field M1 has some issues, but it was on sale and includes a ton of options. This is scary territory because many of you know this tank so well. I also have a Dragon M1A1 AIM but it needs replacement tracks. The plan is to build one used in Afghanistan one used in Iraq, post 2000.

Finally, I want to add World War I armored vehicles to my collection. A Mark I with steering tail is the highest priority for me and…here it is.

I spent a lot of time doing research before purchasing these models. Accept for the M48, every kit here is a fairly new tool, all-in-the-box project. The M48 needs hard plastic tracks. There are a few accuracy issues but nothing I cannot handle. While a lot of models, my hope is that, as my painting skills improve, so will production. Accept for the Mark I, all of these vehicles wear single color camouflage. This was also intentional. Mark I camouflage can be done with Blue Tac, circumventing a serious shortcoming of my airbrush.


Containers landed on my LZ!

Gecko 35GM0112) US Military 8’ Storage Container Set [Vietnam War Era]

—mike :helicopter:


MiniArt figures are more than worthy, Doug.

I need better figure painting skills to be worthy of them!


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Last weeks arrivals. I don’t know why I never had the 234 series of armored cars, but this makes up for it. The missing one will here this week (probably today). Also getting interested in more US stuff.


Looks like you’re planning a offensive, with so much armor at one time :wink:


Well, I’ve finally picked up enough things over the past few weeks to rate a new post…

this past Saturday after AMPS meeting was a trip to Andy’s, and I picked up this kit…

plus these supplies… I’m going to experiment w/Vallejo Airbrush Thinner with Model Master Acrylics, since the MM Acrylic Thinner worked with Vallejo Model Air…

Then off of eBay I got “special offer” deals on these things

the Howitzer was for a giveaway price, but taking a look at it upon arrival and I ask myself, what did I get myself into? It’s gonna be an intricate challenge…


Let us know how your experiment with Model Master acrylics and the VJ airbrush thinner goes. I’ve got a little less than a half a bottle of the good stuff left.

I tried self leveling stinky stuff with MMA, and was less than satisfied.

Also, how’s the PE look in the Verlinden kit?


Yeah I’ve tried Tamiya and Mr Levelling Thinner with Model Master Acrylics with poor luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Vallejo. I still have a plentiful supply of MMA and Polly Scale paints… not to mention some old Polly S and Aeromaster Acrylics. Those worked well with the MMA thinner so I really need an acceptable substitute available off the shelf.
The PE in the howitzer kit looks like typical Verlinden PE.



Read so many good things about Mr. Surfacer. I really must try it.


Very satisfied (Zeer tevreden!).
After first I just thinned it with feeling, now I do it the way shown in this tutorial


Second hand purchase, very happy with it.
Don’t let you disturb by the Carnaval items :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::guinea:


Different strokes for different folks. No follow up questions. :roll_eyes::upside_down_face:

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Thanks man, nice tutorial!

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Today I received a couple of books I ordered. They are Panzer tracts 9-3 Jagd panther, 6-1 Sturmpanzer, 9-2 Jagd panzer IV, and #4-3 pz Kpfw IV ausf H/ J. These will help me with building several of the model kits I have plus info from many of our forum members.