What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Wow, looks like a horn from a naval vessel. :loudspeaker: :muscle:t3:


This arrived today, some how a few tanks have found their way in amongst the air defences and trucks. If only someone did the Thornycroft Antar and Scammel Commander in injection plastic in 1/72.


Some 3D parts from my favorite dealer @Petition2God :sunglasses:


Today I got this in the mail: the Rye Field Models 1/35 InfraRed Scope Kit F.G.1250.

I’ve long been fascinated with early IR and other night-fighting tech, and when Sprue Brothers got the new RMF kits in I grabbed one of these little sets because I just had to see it. I like it, it’s straight forward and nicely done.


I had this one arrive today from Osprey Publishing for me to read and review for them.

The War Underground 1914-18, Tactics and Equipment


Very interested in seeing the review for this.


Have been to Vimy Ridge in 2022. Beside the memorial there are still some tunnels around but none accessible to the public, afaik. Landscape is still full of scars from 110 years ago …


Klein, aber fein!


An oldie but goodie, passed The North East Model Centre on the way back from a work engagement and they had this for £11.99, took it to the counter and there was 20% off all Tamiya kits. Got for the princely sum of £9.59!


Hope to get to it before too long. I have three titles ahead of it. I have thumbed through it and it looks really interesting. The tunneling during WWI has been a subject I have been interested in for many years. I have this title in my personal library and read it back in the early 90s. Very interesting subject.


For me the history of WW1 meanwhile is far more interesting than of WW2. The war with 10 million dead alas is mostly forgotten here in Germany. Many places of the Western Front are not very far away from my home, so I have already visited some of them, Verdun about 300 km, Somme Region about 600 km, Belgian Flanders about 700 km.
In 2022 I made a small report about some memorials, museums and cemeteries in the Somme Region here on Kitmaker. Have a look if you like and have missed it back then …
Memorials, Museums and Cemeteries in the Somme Region - General Discussions / Museums, etc. - KitMaker Network


I’ve been to Vimy and the others a few times. I thought they opened up some parts of the tunnels to visitors, or maybe it’s the trenches (it’s been 14 years since last visit)?

Personally I think it should be every Canadians duty to visit Vimy, Juno, and Dachau.


There are indeed some restored trenches open for a guided tour at Vimy but no tunnels, afaik. I didn’t had the time to join one because I spent too much time at the museum there and wanted also to visit the german cemetery at Neuville St. Vaast nearby the same day. But it sure wasn’t my last trip to Vimy.

Personally I had planned to make a guided trip to Wolgograd (former Stalingrad) one day when I’m retired in a few years. But the political situation between our 2 countries is not the best to say it friendly and I don’t see a change to the better soon … :worried:



I just got this in today’s mail: Alexen Models 1/35 PE Stencils for US Army Tanks.

I thought this would be fun and useful. I have a similar stencil set to do WW2 German “disc” camouflage.

This set has a few USMC things too, it looks like one could use it to do “Lorelei’s Gem” from the old Dragon M1A1 Heavy Armor kit.

It was only $11 USD and only took about 11 days from China to me.


Maybe Volgograd becomes a Ukrainian city one of these days …

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