What the postman brought today..... Modelgeek Edition

Well checked and we don’t have this type of thread running on Modelgeek like they do on all the other parts of Kitmaker so I thought I’d get one started.

A couple of parcels arrived over the past month including some figures I posted news about which looked so good I had to get them.

I’ll look to get an inbox/bag review of the figures done shortly


I really like to get something to share here, but each time I look at something, I find them quite pricey.

I do tanks with interior, and I would only get kits with interior. AThey are indeed expensive, but the way designs and choices they have to consider to allow the ease of assembling and production, the number of parts, which parts need more detail, the extra time for research, the quality overall (vehicle models generally have higher quality bar imo) etc. In the end, making it feels inexpensive compare to the general geek miniatures price.

Cool figure sets man!

I picked up the Flying Saucer from Plan 9 From Outer Space, last year, 2020.

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HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey


Nice Hal 9000, have you seen the version that links to the Amazon echo and has a screen?

Ok to celebrate a new job I have brought something that I have wanted for years but at its price just thought it too expensive, now I have a bit of money as payout from my last job so I made the purchase.

I bring you the ForgeWorld Chaos Warhound Titan

Numbered Certificate of ownership included, err now to build and paint it, loads of resin and a bit of pe!


Now that, I have got to get!

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Hah, no I haven’t. I’ll check it out

Yes, go for it. I’m thinking about making it my door bell at the front door.

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