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Now I’ve moved to this new forum, and I’m going to retake the diorama I was working on. As reminder, the scene represents a group of US CRF team in their Humvee and a Devgru operator riding an ATV arriving at the location they should assault, but when they arrive they find…

I post the last pictures I made and the point where the dio is:


I will post new pictures by the end of the week.



Hey Nacho you made it! Good to see the pooch made it, looking forward to seeing the other wheels arriving soon :tumbler_glass:

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Yeeeees!!! Pooch is done, and tomorrow I’ll receive some stuff from Ammo MIG and I hope to start with the humvee’s doors (I don’t need the conversion kit for that yet).

Good to see you over here, buddy. :beer: :beer: :beer:

Well, these are the pictures of the GMV’s lower side. Basically, I made the transmission, gear, exhaust and all other stuff.!

Tomorrow, I’ll try some new techniques.




Today has been a (I don’t know the exact expression in english) try and mistake day. I’ve tried to make some chipping on the GMV, but finally I unpainted it again. Here are the pictures:

The first try was painting a base like some rust

Then I added the chipping

But finally, after look pictures for rust on the real GMVs, as I didn’t found any, I decided to remove the paint and start again, but this time with a black base.

I have only painted the hood

That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll paint again the main body and will make some chipping also.

Have a nice day!!

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Looking great from here!

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Hello Nacho. The reason you’re not finding the images you want is because they do not exist. HWWMV’s are mainly of aluminum construction, and the hood is a composite material. So no rusting necessary!


@18bravo, so should I paint the main body with an aluminium base instead of black?

I thought they were made os steel :man_facepalming:t2:

Today’s work.

The body and the hood are finished, painted, chipped and weathered. I also have repeated the windshield. The GMV, as you can see, has been on a long patrol on a far FOB, so it has no painting maintenance.

This is the hood before applying oils

And the completed work for today

That’s all by now.

Now, let’s go for the weekend. Regards!!

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100% used vehicle, great job - there’s usually some unidentifiable spilled fluids there too :wink: :tumbler_glass:

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Hey Tim! Thanks for your words, as always. Fluids will be a nice touch indeed. I forgot to apply some lights so the fluids will be the last.

Thanks again!

Quick update. Following an old post from @Maki, I added some wiring into the cabin.

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@18bravo, so should I paint the main body with an aluminium base instead of black?

I thought they were made os steel

Sorry, I missed that earlier. I wouldn’t bother undercoating it at all. I’ve been looking at photos of our gun trucks in Iraq, which took a hell of a lot of abuse, in some of the harshest terrain and conditions. We simply didn’t get any chipping like that at all. Even bullets didn’t seem to faze the CARC.

The best I could find on our trucks was this scratch, probably caused by a checkpoint we drove through.

As you can see, even the protective armor is made from aluminum.


What kind of paint do they use on the guntrucks??? It should be a very hard coat.

My GMV is going to be more shattered, it’s too late to unpaint all the model. By the way, @18bravo, what do you think about mounting the m134 on the rear?? I’d like to mount the .50 on the turret and the 134 on the rear.

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CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) is more like an epoxy. It’s pretty tough stuff. Even my big ass climbing up and down on the hood several times a day did nothing to it.

I don’t recall seeing the M134 being mounted in the bed, but I did post photos of one firing from the turret many years ago on the old site. If it was mounted in the bed (and now my memory is coming back) it might have been in the Matte Black thread I pointed you to.

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ooo no! Sorry, but it looks terrible. It was written in previous posts - the engine cover is made of Kevlar, and the whole vehicle cannot be so bruised, and certainly it is rusted. I do not like. It is not a tank on the way from Kursk to Berlin


@Makiwawa thanks for your opinion!! Just before your posting, I was thinking about painting it again. As seen on the pictures that Rob posted also, made change my mind.

As I try with the chipping, I am quite happy with the result, but not very accurate.

So let’s start again with the painting.

Thanks for posting!!


I’d like to ask you for some advices before continuing with the GMV.

I’ve already removed all the paint and the GMV is ready to be primed again.

First question: I’m thinking about giving a metallic priming just in case I make some scratches as seen on Rob’s pictures. What do you think?

Second question: Should I wait for the Legend Productions kit to make it at once?

Third question: I’ve seen a Black Dog engine for the kit. Would it be a nice addon or not? It won´t be visible once it is mounted.

Fourth question: I’ve bought the Ammo Mig kit for US Modern Vehicles. This kit has a desert color, but once applied, it looks a bit light for me. Would you use Tamiya’s XF57 (Buff) instead??

I’d like to know your advices, especially of the masters like @Makiwawa and @18bravo.


I don’t know what Legend kit you’re asking about?
In my opinion, I wouldn’t give any metallic paint. The scratches are on the paintwork, not the car body.
Tamiya Buff is too yellow. Show what color you got? In terms of colors, the differences are due to the type of camera used in the photo, the sun and other conditions. Additionally, each of us has a different monitor on which we can view these photos. You can always use the US Army recommendation.
humbrol spray paint 237 mayby? Desert tan

Hi Piotr!

Ok, no metallic paint. Thx.

The color I actually got is FS33446. This is the combo https://www.migjimenez.com/es/buscar?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=amig7159&submit_search=Buscar

About the Legend kit, is the Dumvee conversion: http://www-legend.co.kr/portfolio/lf1212-special-forces-gmv-conversion-set/?ckattempt=1