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Legend Conversion- it depends what version of dumvee you want to build. If the base is the M1025, the conversion will be ok. I don’t know how it fits with the quad bike and your figures’ uniforms.

Yes, it´s based on a M1025. What’s about the figurines? They are all SF soldiers and even (if I’m not wrong) the rider is a ST6. Let me know your thoughts.


Start it again. As I was told that the shattering was not correct, I removed the painting and started it again. I used a Vallejo black primer and then painted it again in Model Air 075. Thin coats until the primer was not visible.

Meanwhile I started with the last 2 figures. One is the turret gunner and the other is one taking a rest. As the GMV, both figures was black primed.

Next, the multicam painting. I used the Ammo MIG multicam set. Some pictures of the process.

Finally, a shoot of the soldier on his final set.

That’s all by now.



Looking good from here!

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Just a new update.

Finally, the three wise men brought to me the Legend kit for the Humvee, so I think I’ll be able to continue with the project on next weekend.

Whising all of you a happy new year!!

:clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses:


This is the few advances I could do the weekend. We had the worst snowfall in 114years in Madrid, so I spent the most of the time ‘snowballing’ and riding on sleight with the kids. We are not able to drive to work, so I have one day more for modelling.



I can’t imagine Madrid municipality has that many snow-plows?! Hopefully that means you might get a 2nd day modelling, looking good :tumbler_glass:

Tim, I don’t live in Madrid but in a nearby town (20kms away from Madrid) but neither Madrid nor my town have enough snow-plows. We’re not used to these snowfalls (unfortunately). And yes, I got a 2nd modelling day, I was unable to get the car out of the garage and my street is completely iced. Tomorrow I’ll try it again.

So here are my last advances for today. I’ve added the rear pieces, finished the top of the roof, primed it all and painted too.

So that’s all. I guess I 'll follow on the weekend.


BTW @Dioramartin this is a picture of my scooter parked in my house’s entrance the last sunday.


Ouch! Now there’s an interesting photo-ref for a Stalingrad BMW bike diorama :snowman_with_snow: :tumbler_glass:

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Weathering time!!

I’ve been working on some photoetches and applying some effect on the rooftop and on the humvee.

I couldn’t find on the conversion kit the bolts included on it, so they are missing by now. I’m waiting for a new ones.

Here are the pictures of the job done.

Tomorrow more!!


Works for today.

For some strange reason, the Conversion kit came without bolts, so I have made them using a 0.20" rod. Maybe they’re a bit big because it’s too difficult to cut these tiny pieces.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for a bolts set from AK coming home.

I have scratched the side ammo support with a sheet of brass I had in the garage. As I have no very useful pictures, I have used an old work from @Maki and took it as refpics. I don’t have Maki’s skills so my model is a lot worse.

Another work was to paint the ammo boxes and cans. I used chipping fluid from Ammo and oils from Ammo and Tamiya also.

That’s all for today.


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You must have dug yourself out by now but looks like you used your igloo time well! It would be good to see it in daylight too but under lights the paint/weathering looks like 1:1, superb :tumbler_glass:

@Dioramartin thanks for your support and kind words. I hope to take some pictures in daylight soon. I have used the weekend to make some scratch.

It was not a very productive weekend because I was making the bolts of the previous post and making some wiring for comms.

I have used the same 0,20" rod to make the radio wires applying hot air with the hairdryer.

And next thing I made was the radio station, adding some ‘telephones’ two Motorola radios and one set of Peltors. I made some maps also, but I have more things to add soon.

That was all for the weekend. Have a nice week!!



Hmmm… I have to say - SINCGARS radio should be green. The BFT monitor is also in NATO green. The monitor screen also looks bad. Cables definitely too thick. As for me, everything is to be corrected.

image image


Thanks for the apointments, @Makiwawa. As I could see on Maki’s GMV, the radio set looks black, but maybe I’m wrong.

And for sure, the monitor is green. My wrong. Time to correct it. The wiring is too thick for me also, but I have no more rods at home. I’ll take a look anyway trying to find something more accurate.

Thanks again!!


Fishing supplies store - look for a thin lead wire 0.3 mm (0.4 mm) there6148c7da15563293med


very very impressed build

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Keep sniffin paint, cause from the looks of your scooter, you ain’t goin no where any time soon, HA! Great work, Ruck On Bby!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Unfortunately the snow only lasted a week, so my sniffin’ time ended soon. Thanks for your words, I’m glad you like it.

Some items arrived at home yesterday:

Mores stuff for the cargo bay and a new bolts to replace the ones I made.

BTW @Makiwawa I bought the lead wire yesterday. Thanks for the advice.


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Beauty, more stuff for the build is always a good thing!

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