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Solder works well too.

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Hi guys!

I’ve been adding some details to the front cabin. I made again the comms wiring with lead wire and added some little details.

Some water bottles from the Meng’s kit, three coke cans (handmade) and some maps and a coke box. Not very much, but I have no morw time during the week.

More to come soon.


@SF-07-18D- I will still be stubborn, but this is for the quality of the model. In my opinion, the radio cables still look bad. There are also no cables connecting the electronic components. To improve

Hi Piotr!!

I liked the look of the plastic cables more, and despite the lead ones are easier to handle, I can’t make them better. Not more skills for me. I was also looking for the electronic cables, but I had no time to even try. I guess I’ll be able to try something in the weekend.

I’m thinking about printing some screen capture for the monitor and give it an operative look, but I’m not sure if printing some text or a map.

And keep on being stubborn, that’s the way to improve.


On a thin steel wire, you wind a place near the spot very tightly with a lead wire of 0.3 mm. You take it off gently and stretch it a little. I enclose a link of the screen for printing

What details and amazing painting you are a master

@Makiwawa, thanks for the tip and the link. I will try again the wires this evening, if kids allow me to do that.

@Micke_MM, thanks for the kind words, but I’m not a master, just an apprentice. Anyway, your words encourage me a lot. Thanks again!!


Take a look at this, it may help with your cables . . .

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Hey man , I like it nice work !!

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Very appreciated, Glenn. I’m glad you like it

Aha not so fast matey, Micke got it dead right (and no I don’t think we’re related) & I haven’t called you the Velasquez of Vignettes before for nothing, you have exceptional colour-sense :art: :tumbler_glass:

Tim, you make me blush. Thanks a lot for these kind words. Very very appreciated. Thanks, buddy!!!

I’ve been working for a long time this morning but I made little advances. Mainly I was wiring the roof for a second radio (the one included in the Tamiya kit).

Another wiring was for the electronics.

And finally the wiring from the right seat to the roof

Another work I made was to glue the hood’s grill and apply some weathering.

And now, the failures.

I will make again the right door’s ammo rack. It’s quite bad, so it will be tomorrow’s work.

After setting the roof and hood, I realized that I made a big mistake: The monitor doesn’t fit and the roof can’t go in its place. So, more work for tomorrow.

So that’s all for today. Now we have to lay a hand on a very good friend whose wife passed away a week ago due to a stomach cancer.

Happy weekend!


That’s a lot a detail going into that hummer, beauty!

Thanks Ski!!! Many more to come yet.

Some afterwork advances from yesterday and today. Yesterday I started the ‘freedom dispenser’, also known as cal.50 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And today I made a wire for the winch with a carabiner and painted a vs-17 panel for identification.

Hope to make some advances more on weekend.

Go for the Friday!!

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It may be too late now, but I would not use the radio out of the Tamiya kit, AN/GRC-160, vehicle mount of the PRC-77. It is an old radio that has not been used since the early to mid-1990s. It was the predecessor to the SINCGARS.


I really used that radio because I have no other and I wanted to fill that spot. Thanks for the advice, I will try to find the right radio, PRC-77 you mean, right?

Thanks again, Gino.

No, the radio you have there is a vehicle mount of the outdated PRC-77. A SINCGARS or Harris Radio would be more appropriate to your timeframe.

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I’ll go for one of these. Thanks for the clarification!

Hi gents!

Not too much advances on these past days, I’ve been making the guns and painting some stuff for the cargo.

Finally I took off the .50 that comes with the Legend set and I bought the one from AMMO. Made of clear resin and just 4 pieces to glue. This is the link: 1/35 Browning M2 cal .50 modelo moderno - AMMO by Mig Jimenez

And that’s all. Some pictures of the first idea for the cargo bay. I’ll be grateful if you give me some other ideas.