What will happen with the running and/or upcoming campaigns?

Assuming, after having explored this new site a bit, that the campaigns old style are definitely a thing of the past.
How do we proceed with the running and upcoming campaigns?
Will they get transferred here somehow?
Do we need to start from scratch?
Can we still propose campaigns/group builds and how do we go about that?

I liked the campaign section, since it was that one that regularly rekindled my interest and mojo.

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For the last several years in the AutoModeler forum we’ve been running a new GB (Group Build) every 6 months as well as a yearly Shelf Queen GB. We just started the current GB 10/1. What we’ve done is to open a GB thread in both the old and new forum section, and encourage all the enlistees to cross post in both. So far it’s working out quite well. For those posts that aren’t cross posted, both Damian and I copy and paste the posts as needed into the new site. What we’ve found is that the members are slowly posting and copying from the new to the old site, and in some cases not even bothering to copy to the old forum thread.

For proposed GBs we have a running thread “Automodeler Group Build Themes”, then once we decide on the next GB we open a discussion thread for that GB. When the GB starts we just open up a thread for that.

Like you said, the old Campaign forum is likely a thing of the past, at least in it’s present format.


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A new campaigns process/system is still being thought out. For now we will likely move the core of all campaign info/topics/posts to the forum and rely on it for getting people motivated.

There is a badges system for Discourse and I will test out some ways we can utilize it for campaign awards/ribbons. I think that provided the campaign owner/manager provides a list of usernames at the end of the process I will be able to bulk-award those on the list with their badge. We will try it out anyway and see if it can work. The list of user names needs to be in a .csv file (Excel), but otherwise it’s a pretty simple process.



There is a similar discussion going on at Model Shipwrights:

That’s the thing I thinking of that I wasn’t sure how it would transfer across or run on this new site. I’m sure it’s an issue that will be resolved and once people get to grips with however the new Group Builds / campaign systems work it will ease alot of their worries.

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So in essence, while I finished my submission for Unfinished Business 2020, because that campaign doesn’t end until Dec. 31 I am unlikely to get the ribbon due to the site transition? Unless someone was super bored and felt like uploading the ribbon to the old site before it gets archived?

I’ve actually copied the images of my prior campaign ribbons to make into a sig for the new site so that is one way to keep your old awards, for those who hadn’t thought about that yet.

Well, I was actually also thinking about all the proposed and approved campaigns?
Would have been nice, I think, if someone would have forewarned those preparing and anticipating those campaigns?

Is it worth even doing the ones begining in Dec or 2021 ? Seems a bit pointless if the sites will be closing down and switching over. I know I’m signed for about 4 at the moment.

i agree that campaigns are important feature of this site, probably more so in these dark times and a certain chinese virus (looks across the room at the 57 rolls of toilet paper) lol.

but please remember that this site is still a work in progress and i don’t think putting campaigns on hold is the right thing to do, it will all sort itself out in the end “so keep building models and carry on”.

i have one campaign myself organised to start in the middle of january 2021 and i am banging the drum for a Helicopters 2 campaign as well and i am confident campaigns will still go ahead and there will be some sort of award or recognition that you have participated, even if it is not the traditional ribbon, that we have come to know and love.

as far as i understand it “the boss” is trying to have the bulk of the site operational in the next 45-60 days, so there is plenty of time to start/finish campaigns on the old site and that is assuming there are no more technological hiccups along the way.

ok that’s my tuppence worth


Hi Jim!
I really like the new site format and I will only post on here from now on.
Will the ribbons be transferred over here.

Dave, agree with all that and I’m still in and trying to finish at least 3 more before end of Dec.

Reference the ones planned though, for starting in Dec and 2021, does it not make more sense to run them directly from the new site ? I’m thinking of the ease of posting pics and the such etc etc. For instance, what happens to a campaign that begins in Jan for 12 months, but then the new site fully comes online and the old site is archived say in April ??

Whatever the outcome, I will still be doing all the campaigns I have signed up for so no worries to there.

Hi Richard,
Well I wish that were possible but there have just been way too many campaigns over the last 16 years or so. Your profiles on the old site will still exist though and I will try to maintain as much of the non-personal data on the flat HTML version of that page as I can so that past awards show up, etc.