What You finished

Wade that is really nice looking model. Wish I could paint as well.

Randy T.

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Not too sure about this gettin into your topic, but just a few shots of a “lets dust off the dust” and do a bit of refurbishing. The last shot is from the shelf, and the rest after a few updates. Have fun!


Randy, thank you.
That’s very kind of you to say.

Danny, that’s a sharp looking refurbishment. There’s a lot of satisfaction bringing new life to an older model.

From long ago, ~2004 this Tamiya M1A1 popped its tracks because the plastic axles disintegrated. Some parts disappeared and the tracks were destroyed getting it off the original ground work. Finally in 2021, I rounded up replacement parts and fixed the mess. I was as happy putting this damaged model back in order again as the day it was completed.


I know right? So nice to revisit old built kits with a renewed vigor. And seeing areas where you can either delete or add details you see that were needed. Plus gives you some inner fun. Good Hunting.


Danny that is a nice Baneblade!

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Hey THANKS. I’ll take a few pics and send them in. The depth of field was pretty sloppy. But its a fun build. Actually. I believe its an Atra Militorium Tallarn Stormhammer. But its been so long since I bought from Forge World. So that could actually be in debate (LOL).


I need to apologize to my Buddy who referenced this kit to a Baneblade and I kind of pushed that answer to the actual kits name. You were ABSOLUTELY correct. The actual kit representation is a subset of the Baneblade family. My bad and thanks so much to your compliments :smiling_face: and name update!

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After looking a bit closer, this is a GREAT refurbishment. Excellent job!

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Thank you, Danny. I appreciate your thoughts.

Speaking of “refurbishment”, here’s one more, my water soaked Tamiya Cromwell, from in a club display long ago. Thanks to water the flat coat went glossy in random patches. Rough handling broke the stiff rubber band tracks on both sides. I had no idea how to fix the flat coat short of stripping the model and repainting. Ten plus years the Cromwell sat forgotten in an old copier box with the M1A1 mentioned above. The dynamically screwed duo.

Around the same time the Abrams was fixed a bit of inspiration hit. Decided experiment on the Cromwell’s ruined flat coat before a strip & repaint. Tested an aggressive wipe down with brush application of Tamiya X20A thinner over the Pactra Acrylic Flat A48 coat. The glossy flat coat went flat where the brush touched with X20A. The flat coat appeared “fixed” and stable after the brush down. The tracks were super glued back together.

Three years later the flat coat has stayed flat and I stayed delighted avoiding the strip & repaint routine.

Today the Cromwell & Abrams do serious guard duty keeping those pesky panzers on the display shelf from seeking Lebensraum. Likewise, they don’t take any crap from USSR display shelf delegation that are always scheming for more space.


I have to agree. Seems that when you look at models done several, if not decades ago; seems they all could use a serious updating. Funny how we can improve in ourselves.

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