What YouTube channels do you like for historical or modeling topics?

So, Robin posted something and it gave me this idea for a post.

What channels on YouTube do you guys like to watch on an on-going basis, i.e., not some random channel that popped up one night but guys you watch quite a bit who talk about modeling or cover topics that model-building also touches upon?

I watch these people:

Boylei Hobby Time diorama ideas, mostly SF themes

hpiguys Workshop mostly car kits

Military Aviation History what it sounds like

Military History Visualized again, just what it says

These two guys work together a lot. They even stream War Thunder together as pilot/gunner sometimes.

PeriscopeFilm newsreels, old footage

The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered History, obviously

The Scalemodeling Channel mostly cars

The Tank Museum duh

Andy’s Hobby Headquarters I think most of us know about Andy

Luke Towan dioramas; scenery

ModelChili Scale Models mostly SF models

Night Shift Another known modeler I believe

PANZER Insight WWII vehicle footage

Wehrmachtsfahrzeuge footage of WWII museum vehicles

I have a few others I look into every now and again but these are the ones I most frequent.


Modeling Specifc:

Night Shift

MM Scale Models: He does aviation (which I don’t) but some very good techniques to be had.

Dave’s Model Workshop

Scale War Machines

Panzermeister 36

General History/inspirational/background noise:

Drachinfel (Naval History)

The Tank Museum (Bovington)

Military History Visualized and Not Visualized

The Chieftain (armoured history and walkarounds)

Forgotten Weapons

Mark Felton Productions (Military History)

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Another vote for Uncle Night Shift!


I’m not all that sold on all of Martin’s techniques or subjects, but he brings some excellent production value and humour to his work which is something that I find lacking in most modelling channels.

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Used all those plus these two members channels.



Forgotten Weapons.
Ian is a font of knowledge and I enjoy all of his videos. Being in the UK my access to historical firearms is limited to looking at them in a case, so seeing how they operate, firing and the history behind them is fascinating to watch. Especially the rare and unusual stuff.
Until I saw his video on the Villar-Perosa machine gun, I always thought that thing was made up in Indiana Jones!

And had it not been for his video on Malta’s 100 ton Vickers Armstrong cannon at Fort Rinella, I would never have visited the place this summer.


I don’t know what your access to Amazon Video is like, but there’s an entire documentary on there about the 100 ton Gun that’s worth a watch.

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I’ve seen his techniques change/evolve over time. He experiments too. I like that he’s honest about what does and doesn’t work for him.


Dark Skies and the others done by the same person

Jocko Willink podcasts are good to

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Thanks I’ll have a look at that.

For modelling I like DH Scale Models, quite recent and still building up content but absolutely worth in my opinion:

And Coldemonsp, another (youtube) newcomer with a few interesting videos but growing

Michael Rinaldi videos are really long but essential:

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Of the bazillion channels on YouTube, I’m only subscribed to a few of them. Of the ones mentioned so far, I am subscribed to & watch regularly Hpiguys Workshop, Drachinifel & Mark Felton Productions. One thing I have to keep reminding myself about Chris over at Hpiguy is that he’s a salesman, and a darn good one at that, too. Probably could sell ice to an Eskimo! I try to catch the videos from The Tank Museum and The History Guy when they come out. I enjoy listening to David Fletcher.

Other channels I watch regularly are:
https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldWarTwo - World War II Week-by-Week
https://www.youtube.com/c/Simplehistory - Simple History (short videos of interesting history subjects)

Although I’m not subscribed, I do enjoy Yarnhub (https://www.youtube.com/c/Yarnhub) and Scale-a-ton (https://www.youtube.com/c/Scaleaton). I used to watch The Great War (https://www.youtube.com/c/TheGreatWarSeries) when it was about The Great War, but since the war ended & they’ve moved into the 1920s I’ve lost interest. TimeGhost History (https://www.youtube.com/c/TimeGhost) is pretty good.