What's Wrong with Scale Modelling? Where did it all go wrong?

Red meat :meat_on_bone: for discussion :yum:

Is Harry Houdini right or full of crap?


Nothing is wrong with scale modeling.
Just build your kit how you like.




Making content between builds can be rough.


The only thing I see in any hobby is how critical some people can be. Other than that do what makes you happy. In the long run isn’t that what a hobby is about…personal enjoyment.


I wouldn’t say that he is full of BS, the observation is true
I could ask the same about fishing (or many other hobbies):
"When I was a kid we could go fishing with a worm, a hook, some left over fishing line tied to a stick we found in the forest
we have to buy equipment worth THOUSANDS of dollars. "
(or shooting: When I was a kid we could have lots of fun with my bothers BB-gun
we buy stuff worth THOUSANDS of dollars.)

Same grumpy old yarn as before …
nothing new

Yeah! Exactly …
:+1: :grin:


Well, when you built kits as a kid were you happy with your work? I was. I painted a Hawker Hurricane lemon yellow and grass green and thought it was cool. As I got better I improved my skills. I read model magazines and HotRod magazine. The builds were always OOB with a little customized work. It was fun.
Today, not as fun and more challenging. An OOB of an armor kit can be over a thousand parts and a month worth of work. I am starting to work with 1/32nd aircraft. I decided in favor of fun so I bought three kits. Monograms F3F, Hasegawa’s P12E and Hasegawa’s P26. There is maybe 60 parts in each kit (2 parts trees). I admit I want to get a resin engine for the F3F but I think it is one piece and just needs painting. I plan to work on fit and painting. I did not choose Zuki Mura’s ME109 G 14. I might someday but for now I want the fun over the challenge.


It’s the same with everything, really.
Your first car,… who cares, as long as it runs. Hitting middle age with all one’s wishes and cash available…
Hobbies, sports… whatever. You start simple, because of fun. And then you develop. reach higher levels, have higher demands and yes… plenty of push from the outside; marketing, commercials etc.

In the end it is what one chooses him/herself.
personally I do not care about chipping and rusting, preshading and modulation, 100% accuracy… no. As long as it looks plausible.
But that is MY choice. And that’s that, really.

But he has valid points when it comes to kids no longer playing, moving, discovering, socialising. And that is purely the fault of adults. It is us that does that to them. Because we do it ourselves.

And it is good to reflect on all this, just as he does.


I think there’s a lot of GOMiness around – most of us are semi-Grumpy Old Men, just like previous generations did, we think everything’s going to Hell in a handbasket & nothing’s as good as it was in our day. We made models in the 60’s & 70’s because there was FA else to do apart from buying vinyl & curse the jocks for stealing all the best girls. Let’s see it for how it really was.

Today the kids have their devices & social media instead – same situation, different distractions - but I have a feeling when they’re middle-aged & beyond, gaming et al will have become tiresome and they’ll realise it’s vacuous with nothing to show for it. That’s when the human instinct (in some at least) to make something with their hands will kick in. If all that we’ve posted here survives that long, hopefully it won’t have been in vain.


Just wait, 40 - 50 years from now:

I remember when I was kid back in the 2020’ies we could watch TikTok on our small mobile phones and we were happy with that small screen and crappy sound and now we have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on large screens and huge sound systems


You can’t by happiness, but you can buy fishing gear and guns… It is basically the same…


Well said! I had a good old fashioned horse laugh! A+++


Boo hoo ! Whaa! Sob sob !
Buy a snap tite kit , throw it together and you’re back to where you started . Leave the exotic ( more challenging and therefore more rewarding! ) stuff for the rest of us that are grateful to have the choice.


Right or full of crap?
Who knows? Couldn’t get past the four minute mark. Hard to follow at 1.5 playback speed.

Nothing wrong with critiquing anything in any endeavor. It’s how we grow as modelers, people, a society…

It’s the recipient of the critique that often doesn’t like what they’re hearing. Even though they themselves have opened themselves up for it by, you guessed it, posting photos of their work on a worldwide forum. Then you have the ones who say, “All comments and critiques welcome,” when they are clearly not.

True, there are some whose comments come off as heavy handed.
Comments like this are never helpful:

Holy run on sentence Batman. What is this even trying to say? Can we get some common punctuation and sentence structure to make this a little more readable?

Would it hurt to even mention the subject that was posted? But most on here try to be helpful, even if they occasionaly come off as brusque.

I find little to complain about in the hobby. We have more subjects to model than we’ve ever had in the history of the hobby. Of course, you could say that every month until you’re dead and you’d always be right.
Even with today’s kit prices, you get a lot of pleasure/frustration for your buck, given the amount of time it takes to build a kit. Don’t like it?
Plenty of perfectly buildable Italeri armor and Monogram aircraft kits out there.

That was a sentence fragment. :roll_eyes:

I did hear him grouse about the “Spanish shcool of weathering.” You know what? Not a fan either. So I simply don’t use it. Nor do I spend a lot of time if any looking at it.
None of the models I photographed and posted earlier this month employed it. I simply move on.


I was not lamenting. We have what we wanted. We wanted better kits and more detail, and were willing to pay for it. Now it is common place to have resin, PE and an 800 piece kit. It is challenging and a true masterpiece can be created.


I have to agree with most of what he said. If it isn’t fun, don’t do it. Aftermarket isn’t mandatory. Do what makes you happy. And most of all, RELAX! Don’t plan a megabuild if it’s going to cause you a year of stress. There is NOTHING wrong with building OOB. Just because others buy every piece of aftermarket for a kit doesn’t make you any less of a modeler for building OOB. Again, RELAX and find joy in your work. Peace. Serenity. Let the Zen flow and f*ck the photo etch.


Hmmm, thought I heard him say something like that when I was watching his vid . . . I’d like to know more about this just to say I know . . . but I don’t want to re-direct the OP content.

As far as the hobby, times are a changing, you don’t have to build anything you don’t want to, personally I like the detail that we’re getting from our model kits now days, it’s exhausting sometimes to build those kits but it’s kinda like mowing the lawn, I hate pushing that little monster around the yard for an hour and a half but I really like the results.

Cajun :crocodile:


Hope this review adds more information especially at the end. AMMO of Mig Jimenez Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques Volume 4: Weathering | Large Scale Planes
While it has more application with Naval aviation than say WW2 armor vehicle that might not have lasted a year, it is a style of weathering that some use for their enjoyment.


Mr. Harry Houdini got exactly what he was looking for; Attention… :unamused:


It sounds like this YouTube guy doesn’t like that others put more into their builds than he does.
Nobody is forcing anyone to do what they don’t want to do. It’s out of line for him to criticize others regarding their choices.

BTW we’ve seen scratch building done on this forum that rivals the best of aftermarket products.
Maybe they’re being unfair to everyone by being so dedicated and talented?