What's Your Favorite Parts Nipper?

What’s Your Favorite Parts Nipper?

I’ve had many part nippers over the years. Currently my favorite ones are the blue GodHand nippers. The $50 price was a major turn off but I’ve used them quite a bit. They do cut flush or very nearly cut flush dependingon alignment. Parts clean up is far less hassle. They have become a favorite tool.

They are definitely more for finesse than brute force. When there is a nasty sized sprue or big attachment point, its back to the Xuron’s which are excellent for the heavy duty plastic cutting.


Nipper says its his… Oh… Sorry… :wink:

LOL, well played :slight_smile:

GodHand without any doubt

I bought a set of Godhand two years ago and it was worth every penny. Cuts so clean they need little to no clean up with a blade.

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I am quite happy with my single-edge Wave. Did not have the chance to test God Hand (read somewhere they are no longer produced?)

,Yeah, I bit the bullet and sprung for a God Hand. Almost afraid to use it, worried I might screw it up somehow.

Looks like many happy GH users. Good deal.

Does anyone know of a source for the GH nipper oil? NM285 NIPPER MAINTENANCE OIL SET?

Is 3 in 1 oil suitable?

i use that oil…3 in 1…love it

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No they continue the production with newer versions

Be careful when buying, there are quite a few God Hand fakes around.

Any light oil will work. I use the same Iwata lubricant I use on my airbrush.