When your model topic becomes less interesting

In addition to all the excellent replies, I’ll add these comments.

  1. Do the various tank transporters have tanks on them to transport? That might be a natural continuation building on a core interest.

  2. Making a favorite truck model build interesting again could be done a couple of ways:

a) Build an appropriate artillery piece for a favorite truck model to tow.

b) Build a towed artillery piece for an already completed truck or other prime mover. Likewise, there’s a fair number of combinations of trucks with guns mounted in the cargo area.

c) Pretty much every side captured trucks from the other side at some point and remarked and or repainted them for use.

d) Build a another truck kit that you like but use a different technique painting. Like hair spray chipping or winter camo or rock old school with washes & dry brushing etc.

  1. Try a half track or armored car build. These often have interesting suspensions. Some were even truck based.

  2. Try a technical build. It’s removed from WW2 but combines trucks and guns!

I wouldn’t mind driving this bad boy in rush hour traffic with a good gunner in the bed!

  1. Expand into Diorama

As for keeping the building MoJo percolating personally, I discovered that “medium” or smaller projects are best that can be completed in ~100 hours or less from start to finish. That means avoiding some of the overly complicated super kits with 1,000 to 2,000+ parts counts as they are typically slow time consuming builds.


Of course Technicals aren’t just a post-war phenomenon!

There are lots of variations you can build on WW2 trucks, if you are willing to do some cross-kitting and scratch-building.


I think you hit the nail on the head there, i think that’s where I’m at.
Going through a downer doesn’t help

Started building WWII armor back in Junior High inspired by the Shep Paine Monogram Kits. Mostly German but a fair number of US and Russian subjects as well. Almost all tracked vehicles with a few soft skins here and there. Then, about 8-10 years ago I quite suddenly got tired of the same old routine. God know how many Tigers, Panthers, Stugs, I had built. Switched over to Cold, War, IDF, Nam, modern stuff and have had no regrets. Still mostly tracked vehicles but a few more soft skins.

What you are describing sounds a bit like burnout (which can take many shapes and forms and not all of them are purely stress related)
That big diorama and all the mental energy that went into it may have “exhausted” you even if the work went fine and you got a lot of encouragement.

Maybe try a straight forward, no frills, no AMS, OOB-build. Make sure it isn’t anything that you might feel tempted to include in your big masterpiece.
Maybe something easy to assemble from Tamiya without a gazillion parts.

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I dabble in armor (all nationalities), aircraft (all types), ships (again all types - sailing ships to modern) and figures (fantasy/sci-fi, historical, and military) in all scales from 1/2000 - 1/24. My stash is very varied. When I get tired of one topic I have several others to choose from…or just read a book for inspiration.
:smiley: :canada:

Needless to say, I have several unfinished projects on shelves! :disappointed:

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Modeling has to be some sort of coping mechanism. (At least it is for me!)

Work, wife, family, house, bills . . . .

. . . it seems like I modeled the most when I was the most pressed for time in my life! (Made for a great lack of sleep back in those days!)

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OK, here is a “be careful what you wish for” warning:

I used to wish for greater underbody and engine detail on my softskin armor kits. (and took great pleasure in scratch building what I felt was missing.)

But now-a-days a kit may have 300+ parts to assemble on the engine & chassis BEFORE you even get to the body!

Years ago I scratch built/converted a Mercedes Field Car. I recently tried building the currently available model. The suspension had so many parts and was rather poorly aligned that with the chassis almost complete I just gave up and closed the box. (It became a chore rather than a pleasure!)

As I say “be careful what you wish for.” Because I got my wish and now I have to live with it!

(That sort of reminds me of a old Twilight Zone episode about a gambler who died and thought he had gone to heaven because everything he had ever wanted was laid at his feet . . . . )*


Gosh, I remember that episode! Brings back memories…

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You got to keep it varied,I never settle into one genre.My list could be a Tiger,followed by an F-14,followed by a Challenger,followed by the Graf Spee,and back to a Stug and a JS-2

So I dont get into a rut

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My suggestion is to build something completely different, and do a good job on it

Different subject, different skill set. Something out of your comfort zone but achievable

If you want to stay closer to your trucks, try this.

To avoid the doldrums I keep a verity of kits in my stash. For me, about 70% are armor. The rest are ships, planes and cars. I think most of us get on a topic and after building x number of kits just need a break.

Hi thank you for the ideas.
Really appreciate you bothering to answer along with everyone else.

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And when someone releases a kit of that Waco YMF I’ll be right there with $ in hand - the most beautiful aircraft ever . If lusty images offend then look away because that is airplane centerfold material…

Well, having all the replies for which i thank you.
I have found The 1/24 EMHAR Bedford collection. I have purchased the Tanker to start with. It’ll be totally new for me not to be doing military camouflage.
Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions


There you go! I wasn’t even aware of these, having looked them up I think they will be a great diversion! I hope you’ll share in the “Trucks” category perhaps?


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Are you bored with the subject, or bored with modelling in general?

If only the subject, scan kitmaker, find something interesting and have a go. If modelling itself is the problem , take a break until the disease bites again.

Dont model when yiu dont feel like it, its a hobby remember :grinning:

Im not bored of modelling, as such. I’m a veteran with a long standing debilitating spinal problem. I think my original post was a case of needing a kick up the back side an you guys kicked with your replies an ideas.
Which i thank you all for.
I normally paint with brushes. I think I’m going to have to buy some acrylic spray cans? Thoughts.
Thanks again

I mentioned the “Convoy!” group build earlier in this thread, it kicks off on the 1st of March and lasts for a year. That’s might appear a relaxed time frame but I’ve missed completing a few campaigns, so don’t feel you have to join in because any form of scheduling can impair the fun you should be having and that’s the important part of the Bedford build for you. But if you want to give it a look, her it is:



One word of advice… if I may.

Skip the spray cans and go for an airbrush and a compressor. A decent one! Think about the harder en steenback infinity.

I know, its expensive, but it will bring you a world of joy.

You only have to spend some time airbrushign on a piece of paper and learn how to use the airbrush before starting on the model.

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Definitely agreed with @drabslab on the spray cans. Skip the rattle cans if at all possible and try air brushing. You’ll quickly establish more control with a little practice on paper etc as he said.