Where was this statue in Saigon

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i was wondering where this statue was located in Saigon, i know after the NVA arrived it was quickly torn down and i seem to remember a South Vietnamese Army officer walked up to it and shot himself in the head because the war was lost at that point.

i think it was not far from the hotel continental but was in a street facing towards the main government building known has “the hotel d’evil”

It was the Vietnamese Marine Memorial and was destroyed in '75 by advancing N. Vietnamese troops. It was located in central Saigon in front of the Opera House on Lam S’on square.

Lat/Long: 10.7772° N, 106.7038° E

Lam Sơn Square - Wikipedia

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you replied faster that i was counting on lol

i stayed in a hotel just round the corner on Hai bai Trung Street back in '96 and i couldn’t get anyone to tell me where that statue was, i guess people were still scared about talking about the “old days”


Watch at the very end when the NVA pulls the statue down; don’t see the part when the ARVN officer takes his life, but I know it happened.


@SableLiger i recognise those British reporters and i have their news networks video of those evens on vhs video tape and i’m sure it was on that i learned of tbe ARVN officer shooting himself at the statue.

thanks for posting that link, i really appreciate it.

the opera house that the statue used to face towards has a small bar underneath it and when i was there in 1996, it was the only place i could find in Saigon that sold Southern Comfort.


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