Who makes the best 1/35 M-36 Jackson

Your feedback is much appreciated thank you Sean

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Your options are:
Tamiya - This kit is only slightly younger than the real M36 with details only slightly better than a Renwal kit.
AFV Club - Not an M36. Wrong engine deck/rear hull configuration.
Italeri - Not an M36 but an M36B1.
Academy/Airfix - Can be built as an M36, so that’s your best kit right there.


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Neither the Academy or AFV club M36s are anywhere near perfect - step up Tamiya maybe (and I don’t mean their ancient M36). The AFV club one only has the diesel engine deck of the M36B2, whereas the Academy one gives you the petrol engine deck as well as the diesel one, so you can make the M36 or M36B2. Note Academy also do the M4A3 hulled M36B1, which Italeri also did, but that is arguably a step further backwards. The Tank workshop did some nice interior and exterior updates, not sure they are still going, and you can get much better aftermarket barrels, since the barrels of both Academy and AFV club kits are not all that accurate.

Both AFV club and Academy retain all the interior fittings for the M10 so the sponson ammo stowage and hull floors are wholly wrong for the M36!


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