Why you should support your local hobby shop

So that when they get to know you that they tip you off and give you first crack when they buy a collection. My haul today!


Central?? :thinking:


Now that’s a Dragon’s Haul!


Yes, Cody and I have gotten to know each other so he reached out!


I like them personally plus this collection had a lot of German WW2 so I couldn’t resist. Couple of Zveda and Tamiya too. 1 Academy and 1 Trumpter which is actually a French tank but in German livery with modifications.


I always support my local hobby shop. I always leave money on Sunday and go home with paints, kits or accessories.

My worry now is that since I’ll be relocating soon to Texas; I’ll have to pack everything I have; from built kits to unbuilt kits and all my paints, tools and whatnot and drive 900 miles. I’m already lined up with Hobbytown USA in Hurst, for all my modeling needs (shameless plug).


That’s a fantastic haul there Chris you’ve got some vintage Dragon kits there from their golden era. I hope you build them!
I always support my LHS. I go in there about once a month for paint, glue, Evergreen, and other consumables. I always spend about two hours there because I love to peruse and check out armor kit boxes. I don’t quite have everything he does. It’s close, but not quite. I also love to BS with the owner. I run the only model show in the state so he knows I have my finger on the pulse of the modeling community. We talk about everything while I look. Eventually I find an armor kit to buy. The price is 50%+ above what I get from Hong Kong, but I always, always buy at least one decent sized kit every visit. I want to do my part to keep the guy in business; for a local source of paint and glue, but most of all for a haven to visit, spend two hours, get that special feeling I’ve gotten ever since I was a kid, and share some great conversation with a fellow modeler.


It’s a pain. I did that just to replace the floor in the office/hobby room and it was a chore and still not back to what it was. If I had to move, my wife would probably end me as the collection would then be quantifiable at that point ~ 1/4 to 1/2 the moving van.


As we have a regular and build meetings at our two shops, I try to purchase at least something from consumables to kits depending on needs and wants at the time. I think both have club member discounts so it kinda like tax free purchase. Not much but still nice.


You are lucky to have a local shop.