Wie hab' ick das verpasst?

Doing some research for a novel I’m writing. Two songs I really dug when living in Germany -
Rock me Amadeus, by Falco, and
Geil, by Bruce and Bongo.

Geil is a total rip off of Rock me Amadeus!

Deutsche Freunde – das wusstet ihr ja schon, wa?

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I figured you would’ve liked this one…


My listening days in the early 80’s W. Germany was filled with a lot from these guys.


My favorite band even before I went to Germany. Their songs, figure prominently, and what I’m writing.

Here here!

I did not get to see the Scorpions in concert when I was there in 85-87, but I did see AC/DC and ZZ Top. Both bands were outstanding live. Can’t remember the venue, but there were no seats, standing only. Damn I miss those days!

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The first concert I ever went to in my life was Nena in Berlin. White blouse, black leather pants. My god was she hot.


Monsters of Rock ‘84 Karlshrue, my first concert and festival. Motley Crue, Accept, Gary Moore, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen and AC/DC…… a show to remember.

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You can say that again!

Holy Cow, man! The things I can find when I dig around.

No, not these old Scorpions cassettes - I know the others are around somewhere as well - but where these were stashed I found almost 2,000 rounds of ammo I didn’t know I still had. But that I still have Fly to the Rainbow, which I bought in the 70’s, amazes me a little. I bought everything ever done by them. In fact, I absolutely wore out two Lovedrive cassettes before I went digital. Still Loving You - one of the best songs ever. Did I say I was a fan?
Time to find a player…


holy cow i remember listening to that as a teenager, i loved that song!

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Enjoy Falco

My music at the moment.
Dark German Goth(??) music, some songs are in English some in German.

Yup, you definitely are a fan. I still have Virgin Killers (German cover) and Tokyo Tapes on vinyl. Blackout was their first tape I bought. I only discovered them in 81 when we moved to Germany.

2k of ammo sounds like a fun day at the range.

Also… Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann


Meanwhile she’s of no interest at all in Germany since she ran after the Covid 19 conspiracists in the lock down years and became part of them. Turned into a stupid woman.

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That’s my favorite song from her. Although the version with her and Kim Wilde is hot too. I’d buy her leather outfit for my wife if I could find it. There’s a little English mixed into this version.

You know what they say: Doof bummst jut!

Do you know what the main problem with family values is?
If we humans didn’t break “family values” there would be no families after a while.

The comment about doof applies to religious around here:
the sum of the sins is constant,
so if she doesn’t smoke, drink, swear or lie she sure is doing something else.
That’s what my older brother told me when I was a teenager …

Reminds me of a conversation with my wife the other day - she asked me for $20.
I said “I gave you twenty dollars last month,” to which she replied, “Well, I need twenty more now.”
I was in disbelief. I said, “You don’t drink, you don’t smoke, and you got your own p****. Twenty dollars oughta last you a lifetime!”



I’d be in the ICU if I tried that stunt …
:grin: :rofl:

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The truth is, my wife and I have little use for cash. It’s got germs on it. That said, twenties do come in handy at strip clubs and food trucks.