Wiking recon crew uniform help

Hey all I’m currently painting the dragon Wiking recon crew figures from kit #6131. The radio operator has autumn ss pants on but a weird camo smock that appears to be a variation of spring camo but I’m not positive. Can someone identify the pattern for me? I’ve attached a picture below:

the picture makes it look two tone but the color callout shows three tone including a sandy brown color. I think the only thing like that I’ve seen is what I’ve seen called Italian camo

but I am FAR from being an expert on such things so looking to see what the more knowledgeable suggest

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Could be either Oak Pattern

Or Pea Dot 44.


@SableLiger thats what i thought too, it looks like he’s wearing three different camo patterns but maybe it’s just a bad job on dragon and they meant for him to have a spring top and autumn bottoms.

Most likely.

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Having blown up the image as big as I can get it, it looks like the radio operator is wearing a standard SS Camouflage Smock in Summer colours as per the top image in SableLiger’s post, but of course there’s nothing to stop you painting it in Autumn colours, it was reversible. The cap is the standard SS camouflaged cap, which was only produced in “Oak Leaf” camouflage, so it matches the smock. It also was reversible Spring to Autumn colours. The trousers are difficult to make out even blown up, but are likely to representing the Padded Winter Uniform, in Autumn pattern. However, I have seen photographs of the jacket to this suit produced in Spring colours as per the smock, so it’s possible trousers were also produced in “Spring”.

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I think this is the picture of the box arts. The art is done by Ronald Voldstad, a well-known military artist that has done all of Dragon’s figure artwork. His work has also ben featured in Osprey’s “Man-At-Arms” book collection.

This piece is used on the box art for the “Waffen SS - Ardennes 1944” figure set and should give you a better image to compare.

@Hohenstaufen @SableLiger thank you both for the input. I think the second picture that sable posted gives a great view of what he was painting on the recon box. Looks like a mix of uniforms was common even if it was for two different seasons.

Yep, all true. Mr Volstad really knows his stuff, he illustrated some of the old Squadron/Signal titles too. Just my two penn’orth, the officer on the left is wearing the smock reversed to autumn colours.

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I have multiple Osprey books; They have excellent reference imagery and artwork. I bought them mostly when I was still in the military and they were available at the PX. :grin:

@SableLiger unfortunately the PX doesn’t carry them anymore or models, closes I’ve seen is a wargaming shop at my current base.

@Hohenstaufen yeah that’s what it appears to be, I’ve started painting the radioman, I’ll have a picture up by this evening hopefully.

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PX/BX doesn’t carry much of anything anymore, I rarely go there nowadays.


I concur. You’d be better off ordering the stuff through Barnes & Noble or find it on Fleabay.

@SableLiger inger a majority of things off Amazon when it comes to books. Paints i get from Andy’s or eBay.

@tankerken yeah the PX is a bust unless you go to class 6

Quick update on the radio operator


Tunic looking great.

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@SableLiger I’ll have to take more pictures later today, hopefully the pants will be done by tonight.

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Here’s a few more photos, the autumn camo is new to me so it’ll take a few tries before i think i really get the hang of it. I’m using Andrea miniature paint sets to paint these figures, i enjoy the step by step they give.

First up, radio operator;

The PL;

The driver;


Outstanding work on the painting. Looks excellent.


@SableLiger thank you, i learned finally that sometimes the fewer spots the better. I remember trying to paint Dot 44 when i was a kid and it came out looking treacherous. After 30 years of life I’m getting the hang of German camo.