WIP Spitfire Mk. Vc Trop, of the Regia Aeronautica ( cobelligerant )

Hello everyone, after collecting some information (see here) I started to put on some pieces, have pity :wink: I haven’t modeled for a while.
Kit Eduard 11149 1: 48


Great start and interesting colour scheme.
Is this the new Airfix 1/72 VC?

No sorry I forgot to write that it is the Eduard 11149 kit in 1: 48

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Ah, interestingly the new Airfix Spit’s cockpit is identical in the parts breakdown and build.
Same tub you sandwich into the fuselage.

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At this point I suggest a dark red brown wash on the seat element non covered by the black back cushion. The seat was made of “the plastic seat”, a kind of phenolic compressed resin, the colour can vary from a dark red brown to a more clear rust orange. From your pictures seems it all black, so with a wash of dark red brown you can obtain a perfect match and you dont’ risk to much with the belt and other details.

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Watching with interest :cowboy_hat_face:

In the photo I sent, it doesn’t look good, but the colors are very similar to the photo you posted

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