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New WIP3D H105 1-A1 Howitzer in resin

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Is there a homepage of this company?

Mouse house did one a few years ago, pity not around still .


I report 12 days ago. “For Aussie fans, I did see the owner of https://www.boomersbooks.net/ that bought the Mouse House molds. He is looking to restart that line back up soon.”

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Nice, need some new bits and both 105 guns

Just to be pedantic Frank, this is the version specific to the German Mountain Troops; the one used by other NATO nations including the Brits was also the one shown here:

Oto Melara medelo 56/ Artilleros Malvinas-Dukel 01037/01038

and this is basically a build blog. Replaced of course in Brit service by the Light Gun.

The Mouse House version, should it actually be resurrected, would be suitable for Brit versions and others.

I have both guns already, just like to make the next ones in travel mode, think it came with the German baffle for if needed ,throw out ages ago.

Roger that Frank - love to see them in due course; whilst I have a couple in my stash they’re probably some way off being built, not least as I have to concoct/convert a Ser 2 LWB Land Rover to tow one of them.

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Sure, here it is: