Wish List for 2024

  • 1/35 Flyer Defense Flyer 72 and Flyer 72 LD in plastic with weapons, armor, cargo, and accessories for special operations forces.


Also, the Flyer 60 (inches wide) with guns, gear, equipment, radios, etc.

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Amen to Magach 6.Also new tooled M577.Idf Nakpadon,More Idf M113 derivatives,Churchill mark 1,Churchill mark 2,Close support versions of Churchill 1 Danish army Centurion tank with range finder,Bundeswehr M113 variants,New tooled Challenger 1.

Er, not being a Sexton fan, but what’s wrong with the Dragon iterations?

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In 1:35 scale:

A message for Kinetic: Still waiting for your dutch MRAP Bushmaster !

British army:

PPV Vector 6x6
MRAP Foxhound
MRAP Wolfhound
MRAP Ridgeback
MRAP Buffalo. Bronco Models ?

Australian SAS Land rover perentie 6x6, no longer made in resin by Blackdog.

MRAP Caïman with full armor package

Italian VBM Freccia (I know the resin kit from Royal Model, it looks very hard to build)
Italian VM90 Torpedo

French Caesar ! :fr:
GBC 180 :fr:

Swedish army RG32
C4TMgz8WAAAC_yD (1)

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1914 Pattern Rolls Royce Armoured Car in 1/35.
Never heard good things about Rodens and Mengs is the 1920 in early WW2 fit.
Come on CSM, make it happen!

As always: 1/35 styrene M88A2 Hercules. Maybe some more Humvee variants.

1/35 US Army M10 Booker in plastic


Didn’t Bronco Models go out of business? Or Gecko bought the molds? I remember hearing something. Maybe a rumor?

@amoz02t , where is your usual M777 in 1/35 wish? :smiley:


I don’t recall either one. Gecko just released a new kit.

I’m with James on the M1064A3 and the M1068A3 variants of the M113. I think Takom can do an M60A0, since they have experience with the M48 / M60 / M103 / CM-11 tank kits.

If i may add to his list, the M1283 AMPV and the M1284 Armored Evacuation Vehicle.




As you guessed it, the AMPV is based on the M2A3 Bradley IFV hull; it should replace the M-113A3 APC on US Army inventory.


#1 on the hit parade is the US 240mm howitzer/8" gun M1 “Black Dragon” - Not even available in resin, it is a travesty not to have a kit (1/35 please) of this exceptional piece of ordinance.
#2 would be an update set to turn the “okay” MBT70 kit into a better US army version
#3 A new M8 tractor kit - up to modern day standards. An important “Cold War” soft-skin.
#4 The M-59 APC - forerunner of the M113.
#5 The MGR-1 Rocket with M386 transport/launcher truck - the “Honest John.” Served almost 40 years during the “Cold War.” I believe the basic 5-ton truck is already a kit.

A lot of our fathers and grandfathers served their careers during the Cold War. The tanks weren’t as great as they seem now, the treat of chemical war was taken as gospel, and most of the equipment used by the Army and Air Force between 1955 - 1990 has never been represented by the modeling manufacturing community.

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LOL Yes! I still think a plastic injection molded M777 would be a popular offering. As for me, i did take the plunge for the resin VargasScaleModel in 1/35 scale. Now I need to do stuff!

As an aside for extra motivation, I approached the National Guard Sergeant on the M777 at the last Oshkosh EAA airshow event for more details. He happily showed the controls and overview of laying in the gun with the sight and collimator. YouTube is interesting, but turning the wheels is more fun!

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1/35 M4A1 DD
1/35 M57 APC
1/35 M75 APC
1/35 MBT70 US version
1/35 M578 ARV
1/35 M37 HMC
1/35 M52 SPH
1/35 M48 (pre A1)
1/35 M45 Pershing

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1/35 Cold War:
M578 light ARV
M813 truck
M105 trailer
reissue AFV Club M35A2
M816 Wrecker
all in plastic/styrene

M125A2 81mm mortar carrier as M106 conversion also in resin

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The Dragon Sexton models are a bit difficult to find these days. Meng and RFM for example do a superb Sherman type hull range and would make a brilliant Sexton I reckon - nice PE, far superior tracks to the Dragon ones and a nice shiny metal or slide molded one piece barrel I should imagine. Easier and probably less dramatic build than the Dragon as well, but with a nice parts count that should appeal to most. Failing that, a nice Tamiya…

I doubt it is a priority for them but I’d love to see it.

I would be amazed if you/we are waiting long for this. Got Amusing or RFM written all over it.

Thanks for that Chris - I was thinking of getting one to represent a sort of gap in my Brit post war armoury. Not an essential by any means (like I’ve nothing else to build) but I came across these pics which triggered my interest:

Egypt and BAOR respectively.

I’m not in any hurry I must admit, but thanks for the info.

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See we are 100% aligned here - this is exactly the interest I have for the Sexton. I just think it is a really cool looking thing and I remember reading about them when I was a kid. I remember seeing one up close when I was a kid at a museum, might have been Aldershot thinking about it, or the D-Day museum in Southsea where I grew up.

Some had the Canadian sprockets and track, others had a more familiar Sherman type. I might dig out an Osprey book and read up on why that was. This sort of “i think i will read up on…” rabbit hole usually ends in a diorama and several model builds hahahaha

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Oh I didn’t know that.
If it is not a rumor, I have to purchase their MaxxPro kit before it will be out of production.