Wish List for 2024

1/35 USMC ACV-30 in plastic

1/35 US Army IM-SHORAD in plastic


AFV Club’s M54 would work but needs bigger wheels. HobbyLink Vn produce this size for their M246 tractor/wrecker.

The modeling gods have smiled on me the last couple of years, and I’ve got several much-wanted kits in the display case and on-order. Now let’s see how my luck holds.

  • M44 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (US cold war) - 1:35 - no kit available in any media.
  • M1 8-Inch Gun (US WW2) - 1:35 - no kit available in any media
  • M1 240mm Howitzer “Black Dragon” (US WW2 & Korea) - 1:35 - no kit available in any media
  • M1906 4.7-Inch Gun (US WW1) - 1:35 - no kit available in any media
  • M1902 3-Inch Gun (US WW1) - 1:35 - no kit available in any media

I’ll pour libations to the modeling gods this evening and continue to prod the manufacturers.


Doesn’t AFV Club offer one? 8 Inch Howitzer M1, AFV Club AF35321 (2019)

G-Man69 - correct, the British use(d) the BV206 unarmoured variant and the BVS10 (Viking), which is a larger vehicle than the Takom kit with a different suspension system (although at first glance the two vehicles look very similar). The even larger Warthog was designed and built in Singapore and has no direct connection to the Swedish designs.


EHETS M1300 with M1302 trailer


I second that


Oh yes

on My wish list for 2024 is as follows
M1300 EHET as already mentioned
and also already mentioned the M10 Booker
M1A2 SEP V.3 with US, Polish and Taiwanese marking options
all variants of the AMPV
M1074 Joint Assault Bridge
M88A2 Hercules


1/24 and 1/35 scale American government armored Chevy Suburban SUV in plastic.

This will be HUGE to the model kit world as there are hardly any modern SUVs in these scales in both resin and plastic. The latest model kit year is around 1996 for an AMT Chevy Tahoe! Can be used as armored SUV, police SUV, government SUV, VIP transport, Private Military Contractors, safari transport, TV crew, fire chief vehicle, EMS medic SUV, transport for scientists and explorers, S.W.A.T., celebrity transport, etc.

Please include interior emergency lights, rifles and shotguns inside, exterior police lightbar options, radio and satellite communications inside, police decals, option of thick armored doors or thin non-armored doors, option of open or closed rear trunk window, and 1/24 and 1/35 scale.



Full interior 1/35th or dare I dream 1/16th M60A2 .Including all 3 gun tubes. Optional 5 gallon containers for the other side of the bustle rack (1/37 armor had 2 on the loader’s side of the bustle rack.)



and of course as ever
Mack NO6 artillery tractor to go along with the back-dated (finally!) 155mm & 8 inch guns now coming from AFV Club.
AND . . .
. . . Maybe an M23 ammo trailer to go along with the items listed just above?

@Petition2God James, the AFV Club product is the 8" HOWITZER which looks great in my display case! The US Army also had the M1 8-inch (203mm) GUN which was the companion piece to the “Black Dragon” 240mm Howitzer. The 204mm How and the 203mm gun shared the same carriage.

This would be a great 3D print project! (hint, hint)


LOL! I’ve driven one of those for visiting VIP once upon a time…

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oh yeah, I still want the 90mm AA gun that my dad crewed on… I already have the M4 HST Prime Mover

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I woukd like,
Centurion ARK
AMX Mk.61 105mm Self Propelled Howitzer

And an up to date FMTV

For 2024, I’d like to see some modern armor and military vehicles in 1/24 or 1/25 scale. Also some more WW II aircraft in 1/35 and transport aircraft in 1/48. Also more military construction vehicles of any era

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my question John, much appreciated, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:…I’ll have to see what the Warthog looks like, it might be another addition to my wish list, :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:

1/35 US Army Infantry Squad Vehicle 2-in-1 kit (Gun Platform ISV and 9-man troop transport) in plastic. Include seatbelts, fire extinguisher, pioneer tools, weapons, ammo cans, jerry cans and racks, radios, rollbars, backpacks, etc.

Gun Platform (not really official yet, but might be)


9-troop ISV is official US Army


I was trying not to over-indulge in this post (they can get a little tedious!) but there’s a little gem of a vehicle that I’d love to see in 1:35 - resin or plastic, and that’s the little Dutch runaround, the DAF YA 66:

Pics filched from the www

It’s just crying out to be depicted alongside a couple of Dutch Army Leopards(!)

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