Wish List for 2024

Well I would like some new T-34:

  1. T-34 with a-34 turret.
  2. Late 41 KhTZ or Early UTZ
  3. Early 112 tanks with squared back but small rectangle inspection hatch.
  4. Any factory besides 183 tank hexagonal turret. Especially ChTZ with the specific fuel drum holder, unavailable even as resin.
  5. Zavod 174 SU-100
  6. Any variant with extra armour.

Others: Su-57 halftrack based spg
ZSU-37 or the initial SU-76, if 2 companies produced SU-76ms recently.


Yeah, I’d love to see those autonomous vehicles in 1/35 styrene. Of course I’m still waiting on tenterhooks for the M-ATV and JLTV utility vehicles, and the sorely late M992.


can you let me know what the quality of this conversion kit is?

Dang, Peter. Your wish list keeps on growing and growing. :smiley:

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My list:

New tooled M8 GMC.
New tooled M7 Priest.
LVT-4 Saipan flamethrower (at least a conversion set).
Argentinian TAM.

Enough for me.


Love to see Tamiya do a carro Armato M11/39 and a Hotchkiss H35 in 1:35.


Between Italeri and Tamiya, both have the basic road wheels/suspensions for the 90/53 and 140/90 SPGs respectively and shown below. While both shown are resin, it would be nice to see both presented in plastic.



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Wish list for 2024?

Oh the possibilities…

1/35 :

The full family of the U.S. Army AMPV

Complete MILES gear including Hoffman devices (both 80’s to 90’s vintage as well as the modern versions)

A range of the Army prototype RCV’s from Textron, GLDS, and Oshkosh.

The XM-800T scout vehicle

XM-800/XM-808 sidewinder scout vehicle

The West German Leopard 1A3 based VTGS

The Ford F350’s as used by the Irish Army Ranger Wing

Civilian subjects:

A retool of the AMT (Round 2) American LaFrance kits.

Retool of the Trumpeter ALF Eagle kit.

Kits of vintage Seagrave, Maxim, Mack and Hahn fire apparatus

Kenworth T360/370/380 series trucks

Chevy Tahoe/Suburban (just one or two body styles from 97 to present)

VW Corrado

Star Wars Ahsoka’s Huyang droid.


Star Wars Ahsoka’s T-6 Shuttle One-Nine-Seven-Four .

Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Jedi figure

Star Trek PICARD Ships



@ignoramusRex Oh and a T-34/57

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The one in your picture was a prototype and based on a pre-war T-34, but the few production vehicles were late 41 KhPZs. So if you have a correct one of those you also have the other with an alu barrel.

You have some good reference photos and dimensions for those? They’d be good candidates for custom CAD and 3D printing rather than from a mainstream manufacturer. I do not foresee those being in polystyrene ever. Never and zero chance. Haha

There was a cracking kitbash of an Irish F350 a while back. Unfortunately the pics are all gone :frowning_face:

All in 1/35 scale, and in plastic…

M50A1 Ontos
M15 half-track SPAA
M3 GMC (the USMC version with the additional .50 AAMG’s)
CWS-POA H5 flame throwing Sherman tank. The Korean War USMC variant with the coax 105mm howitzer.
Early version Willys Jeeps
Matilda MkI infantry tank
British 8th Army Portee AT trucks (2 pounder versions)
British 6in. Howitzers (WWI and WWII versions)

More 1/35 helicopters, such as…
Alouette III
Westland Gazelle
CH-46 (Vietnam version)
CH-53 (all versions, all eras)

If any of the aforementioned already exist in PLASTIC kit form, I would love to hear about it! :slightly_smiling_face:

1/35 Academy M50A1 Ontos is OOP and wasn’t too accurate but you can still find some on eBay…

I’ve about half assembled the Academy kit. There are so many inaccuracies that the build had virtually turned in to a scratch building project. I’ve placed it in the suspense shelf and moved on to constructing more enjoyable kits. I would very much like to see some manufacturer like Tamiya or whoever produce this kit in the future… preferably with an interior as well.

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Yuri, I’d really like to see what you’ve done so far to the Ontos kit to help correct many inaccuracies (or at least attempt to). My plan was to reference the Takom 1/16 Ontos, and correct as I go (if I can ever get to it).

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I’ve really only gotten as far as installing the Verlinden interior details set, at which point I have suspended the project. I’m not saying that I’ll never finish the kit, it’s just that there are a few areas where I don’t really feel like working to correct.
After comparing photographs of the Ontos in action (not just photos of static, unloaded museum vehicles), I’ve noticed that the kit’s suspension ‘angle’ appears inaccurate, and seems to ‘sit’ too level from front to rear, if that makes sense. Also, there are other small details which quite frankly, I’m annoyed to have to correct, such as the incorrectly shaped magazines for the .50 spotting rifles, and rear door details. Regarding the Verlinden detail set, I noticed that it does not include the driver’s steering levers!
I have other, more accurate and easier, i.e., more enjoyable kits which I am working on at present. I really would like to add an Ontos to my collection, however if none of the other manufacturers are going to produce one, I may just have to ‘suck it up’ and finish the Academy kit.

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Yeah, the chances are other companies will not touch it until you finish your Academy Ontos. Haha

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sorry I’m late to the party…I see your “wish” for a 1/16th M60A2…well, look at DKLMRC’s web page, specifically their OKMO product line. Their an RC vender out of hong kong, who make, IMHO a very nice selection of 1/16th 3D products. They list a M60A3, but they also have a separate M60A2 turret and A2 chassis upgrades. Although pricy (very) they’re a much better product than “cheaper” priced items. Its worth a look…I’ve got a LP CROWs and Trophy APS from them, very nice…waiting for the 60A3.
Best regards

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