Wish List for 2024

How about a U.S. Army Mark VIII liberty tank with full interior with inter war decals

I would like to see a tiger tank, panther panzer iv panzer iii and German material from the 2nd world war I think that there is not much on the market (for those who have not yet understood it is sarcasm) in fact I have little of interest for the period of the 2nd war
I started to get interested in armor when I was at the beginning of my military career and I assembled models of modern equipment, therefore models of the cold war, making vehicles that I could meet on the battlefield. then and now
I believe that certain vehicles that marked the end of the cold war today should be more available
for example the French VAB which has participated in all conflicts for 40 years and only available in a version from Heller
the armor i would like to see in 2024
the French VAB in several versions
the french VBCI (war in afganistan and sahel)
versions of M113 modernized 5 road whell and longer 6 road whell (we can find Vietnam but not many modern ones)
an M777 cannon
on the Russian side a 2s6 tonguska (there is one from panda… and I heard no good comments)
for the rest several other modern equipment which enters service
like the british ajax and the american ampv etc…all but a 25000th version of panzer…

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Is this a “Yeramba” SPG? (prototype Aussie SPG based off the M3 Grant). Is either that or a Sexton Gun.

Both straightforward Sextons - Egypt and Germany respectively. 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.


Hi did you see the M1070A1 conversion?

Let me join the list with : (in 1/35 scale and injection plastic)

VW Iltis
Man 630
cold war figure sets (nato / warsaw pact)


I forgot the following:
1/35 clear orange beacon light US Army 1970-1990

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Hehe im guessing you want a new Tiger from 20th may 1944 and i think it was a Tuesday.( Tongue firmly in cheek).A Minefield of Panzer this and that and Stug overload.But the stuff is still popular for sure guys.

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Damn - I missed this; a passing glance and I determined it was 1:72. Well, good for them; personally, a Munga or VW 181 might have been better but at least ACE are going the right direction. Well done them!

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I had the same thought and almost because it was ACE. My experience with brand has not been kind, some user error but also the company makes you work for it.

yes i seen the M1070A1 conversion and bought it

it is certain that a large part of the market

I would immediately purchase a decent styrene Alvis Stalwart in 1/35 scale. It looks like a moon vehicle.

How come so many modern tactical vehicles lack doors? How come so many military vehicles of all eras lack enclosed cabs? They must be miserable to drive in all but the best weather.

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A main stream kit of the A30 Challenger yes there is one from SKP but I’ve heard horror stories of the build. Also an A30 Avenger, only one I’m aware of is resin from International Models Asia. Both 1/35

Wish list:
M992 FAASV (long on the wish list to go with a M109)
M1064 (120mm Mortar on M113 chassis)

There is also a bunch of conversion kits from Vietnam Hobby Link over at HLJ for US vehicles.


O wow I am flabbergasted , thx for this news !

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The Stalwart always reminded me of the S.H.A.D.O. Mobile from U.F.O., but with wheels instead of tracks, so totally see where you’re coming from Doug, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


G, :beer:


I want more modern us vehicles.


USMC Navy/Marine Corps Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System (NMESIS) in 1/35 plastic. It is an unmanned JLTV with two 115 miles Naval Strike Missiles for anti-ship deterrence.

USMC Long-Range Missile Battery (LMSL) in 1/35 plastic. It is essentially an unmanned JLTV with a Mark 41 VLS canister that will fire the 1,000+ miles Tomahawk cruise missile.

Both can fit in a C-130 (one each) for air transport.