Wish List for 2024

A 1/35 IDF Nammera ARV, that would be nice.


I will add the Early M60 to everyone else’s comments.

Also the M59 APC

And how about a fuel tank rack for M48/M103 while we are at it.

Finally, more and more reference books. My armor references may be the cause of my eventual divorce, but at least I know she wont ask for them in the settlement!

Fuel Rack 5


I’d have 3 x of those (fuel tank rack) in a shot were someone to manufacture them!


For 2024, I want the Ultimate Paper Panzer to End All Paper Panzer’s.

A mind boggling “what if WW2 had continued to 2025”and beyond!

WW2 King Tiger with a combination Scud, Himars & Space X launcher with zimmerit, GPS, thermal sights, cope cage, ERA bricks, laser range finder, internet access, air conditioning, wide screen TV, back light for TV, video game console, espresso machine & limited issue Taylor Swift resin figure (for collectability) singing on the wrecked vehicle in a USO special event and trillionare Musky Elon resin figure (for extra collectability) lurking near by in a nefarious capacity.


And the paint finish will be…?


Pompous project’s need pompous coloring so only a custom mixed tri-color camo in iridescent paint with VantaBlack accent as boundary between each color will do. The goal being a King Tiger that looks like a stained glass window as no one will be expecting that.

This is really a King Tiger. Note the effectiveness of stained glass tricolor camo.

That orange spot is the Space X rocket engine firing :fire:

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love it! off the freakin’ wall!

You’ll still get someone complaining that “due to the structural ratios a King Tiger could not countenance the weight of a Scud etc etc…” or “I think you’ll find that the residue from discarded espresso machine capsules would have degraded the Zimmerit by a factor of …”


You of little faith. Why only for KIng Tiger? I sooo wish for those colorful WWII German kits. Especially with 1/35 Hitler figurine taking a dump next to them for collectibility reasons. Dragon, Academy, Italeri, Tamiya should all do them at the same time for all 6 variants below at least.

For all seriousness, please don’t.

Otherwise known as a “donkey d**k.”
Learned that one from a salty old GI.

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Brian and tmcvicar2, you got some good reference photos and measurements? Doesn’t look too hard to CAD and 3D print - entirely of beams and angles instead of tricky curves and irregular shapes. If the interest is high enough, I am willing to make them.

Kind regards,

Well, jeez James, that would be brilliant; all I have is this series of pictures assembled over the years and including efforts by another modeller (which is why I’m slightly embarrassed by my inability to tackle what should really be a straightforward effort):

Fuel Rack 5

I thought I had a scale drawing somewhere but apparently not. So, really, this is all I’ve found over the years. The more accomplished scratchers will thrive with just these images, but to me, it’s all a little more complex than it first looks, but as a complement to any M48A1 or M103A1, it would be a game changer(!)


“The U.S. Army has received the first four cutting-edge Directed Energy Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense, or DE M-SHORAD, prototype systems.” --Defence Blog and photos too.



Rate of fire (Recharge time) would be my first question. However the answer to that should be a closely guarded secret.


A late addition to the list…

M11/39 Italian medium tank.

Another late addition:
The Opel Blitz truck in a 4x4 configuration (not in resin.)

And perhaps to vary the type cabs offered as Opel offered several designs.

The 4x6 version with the special rear axles would be nice as well!

T90 M 2023 and an M1A2SEP3

Its coming soon.

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Could you combine the best of both Rye Field v2 and VOIIO v3 to make a better v3?

I would order around 70% of that list!!!


The JLTV seems to be missing the Stinger missiles on the side of the 30mm autocannon mount (note the JLTV in the background with two green Stinger SHORAD missiles).