Wish List for 2024

my 2024 list:


Tamiya to do the long rumoured F-105 Thud, a follow up to their excellent F-4B, maybe an F-4E? And a nice 1/48 scale F-15EX, again ideally Tamiya.


Eitan APC
Namer with the IFV turret and autocannon
Bedford MJ truck
Challenger 3 production variant
Boxer with the IFV turret and autocannon
Lynx IFV
Leopard 2A4SG
PT-91 Twardy
Merkava Barak


What is the difference between MJ and MK versions ? The Accurate Armour kit has the two designations.

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Mostly cosmetics really … basic wagon is the same, tyres/wheels differed over time and some internal cab features. I would imagine some form of engine mods were made over the various Mks as well … both are OOP at Accurate Armour but I imagine they would be over a £100 per kit …


Love this list!

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These are rare as rocking horse poo. I’d buy one if I could find one!


(all 1/35 styrene): M88A2, more HMMWV variants, all those Bradley-based vehicles, and the M992 we were promised years ago.

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Whilst the AA version is currently out of production, their site allows you to register “an interest” - presumably with a view to re-manufacturing; however, you may not be aware that Firing Line (DJ Parkins) produce a couple of variants too:

Bedford MK 4 Tonne General Service Lorry - with CB-300 Series Box Body (davidjparkins.com)

I have no direct experience of making these 2 trucks but I have seen the box-bodied version made up, and very nice it was too.

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Fantastic thank you - ordered!!

Well, I hope they build well enough; I have their 1/4 T Land Rover; a decent enough resin basis but a fair bit of etched brass, but so far, nothing that can’t be realized with organisation and patience (probably teaching you to suck eggs here). I built their Saladin armoured car some years ago and it was fairly straightforward.

Firing Line seem to be a somewhat overlooked firm, but a lot of their stuff is pretty reasonable, and not uninteresting.

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I’ve got one put away

Indeed the FAASV M992 once mentioned by AFV Club in 2015. Still waiting…

This thing is super way cool.


I’ll have to go with 165thspc, A T 26 Sterling in the different Variations, and M746 Het!

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Papa Tamiya already has the right tires, rims, winches and chaid drive units tooled that would be required for the Sterling

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I support the release for a new tooled M8 GMC 75MM!!!

Many moons ago, AFV Club had annouced it for future, But something happened! I assume Russian trolls had attacked AFV Club’s website and deleted the notice for future release.

The M75 APC would be my favorite! Reskit, a Belgian company offers it. But, - in reality it’s a huge chunk of resin. The driver’s and TC hatches are molded close, the same applies for the roof hatches and the rear doors!

Hey - AFV Club, you offer models of an M41 in three different variants, an M42. The running gear of the M41 fits the M75 perfect!

I’ll highly recommend the M75 APC!!! My favorite would be a Belgian M75. During REFORGER 1977 in an area south of Ulm I was assigned to our U.S. sister battalion 3rd 64th Armor. During this timeframe 3-64 Armor had two M60A2 companies and one M60A1 RISE passive company.
The Belgian had a mixed armor BN 1er Lanciers attached to 3rd BDE, 4th U.S. ID. All their command veh were M75 APC. I’m waiting for an polystyrol M75!

I would say, try the resin one from RetrokiT (75 Euros); as you identify it’s a fairly substantial piece of resin, but whilst opening up the rear doors and the top hatches was a step too far for me, I did manage to drill out the Comd’s position. I also utilized the AFV Club tracks, but that was because I lacked the confidence to tackle the resin ones.

I suspect otherwise you might be waiting some time…

Apologies to those who’ve endured these pics far too often, but I always liked the boxy shape of the M75; I too recall seeing it on exercise, and very impressive it was too.


All 1/35 scale
Dutch special forces Mercedes early and late version.
Us special forces PanduUs special forces Stryker.
Idf Volvo truck and tanktrailer.
Idf Mack truck and trailer.
Idf Land rovers
Polaris quad
Belgian special forces Unimog Jacam.
SOC-R navy seal assault boat.
Ford F-150 Irish special forces.
Civil cars, pick-up’s, dirt bike’s and trucks.
M60a1/a3 interior’s
Bell Jet Ranger/OH-58
SA 340 Gazelle
MH47 G Night Stalker Chinook
MH53 al version’s
H145 m german.
Ww2 german sd.ah.24 genarator
Thats all folks

Grts Jan

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Still calling out for the South African Ratel 90 in 1/35


I’m sure I’ve seen a resin version somewhere.

If you’re talking about the Ratel 90, the resin is junk.