Wish List of New Modern Kits for 2021- your top 5?

Hi fellow Armoramans,
The new year will soon be here, and with this new Forum style, I think it’s time for a new wish list of modern 1/35 kits here~! It’s almost a tradition. :slight_smile:
Only your top 5’s please.

Here are mine:

  1. New tooled US M939 trucks (M923A1 or A2) - I just saw that Merit has one announced but more the merrier. Italeri’s M923A1 was popular b/c it was the only game in town but still sucked.

  2. US M1068 SICPS command vehicle - something more modern than Tamiya’s M577 please

  3. US M88A2 recovery vehicle “Hercules” in styrene - I thought AFV Club was going to release one but no…

  4. S. Korean K21 IFV - supposedly, the most advanced IFV in the world now.

  5. Indian Arjun MBT Mk.1 - interesting 3rd. gen. MBT from the 2nd largest army in the world.

What are your top 5s?

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Top 5:

M1161 light strike vehicle
Infantry squad vehicle
Guardian angel air vehicle
M-1059 smoke generator



How Modern is Modern??? Traditionally that is somewhere South of WW2.

1/35th scale:
Centurion Bridge Layer (so I don’t have to do the scratch build project I’m procrastinating on…)
FV 102 Striker in styrene (Accurate Armour’s ancient offering is way overdue for retirement)
FV 721 Fox Armoured Car (again Accurate Armour’s ancient offering is way overdue for retirement)
M113AS4 APC (in styrene)
M113 Armoured Logistics Vehicle (Black Dog’s conversion set for the old Tamiya kit is not worth the cost of the box it comes in)

  1. Yes, a better M939 series - the ones I drove when I was in - would be great, esp. considering there’s so many variants.
  2. I’ve been hoping for an M88A2 for freakin’ ever.
  3. Some of those cool new Bradley-chassis vehicles, esp. the ambulance
  4. For that matter, a current HMMWV ambulance and some of the other Hummer variants.
  5. I’d swear we were promised an M992 FAASV in styrene at one point but it seems to have been vaporware. One of them.

All STYRENE and 1/35:

Panhard M3 VTT
Pioneer Panzer
M29C Weasel
Rheinmetal Lynx

  1. M29 and M29C Weasel
  2. Cold War US and NATO figures (US, NATO, Soviet, and “surrogates” from late '50s to '80s - many different uniform, webbing and light weapons changes throughout the period to be depicted - infantry and AFV crew)
  3. M56 Scorpion 90mm ATG
  4. M5 / M5A1 Halftrack
  5. M2 Medium Tank

All in 1/35.


Honest John Missile
M114 C & R (I just haven’t the courage to tackle Accurate Armour’s resin tracks)
Ferret Scout Cars
CVR(T) ie the missing ones (we have Scorpion and Scimitar)
Westland Scout helicopter

Thank God you only asked for 5!

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In no order:

Ferret Series including the Fox
Foxhound PPV
RG-33 and RG-33L
ERC-90 F4 Sagaie (Tiger was going to release, but nothing in awhile)

M113 C&R (both Canadian and Dutch versions please)
Israeli RBY
Israeli M50 Sherman

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Guardian Angel UTV
M984A2/A4 Recovery Truck
10K AT Fork lift
M1074 PLS

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Very interesting lists. A lot of wishes for “soft wheels” and not so many traditional AFVs.

Here is what I am looking for:

  1. New tool AMX-VCI & variants
  2. HS-30 Kurz
  3. HS-30 Lang
  4. AMX-10P
  5. EE-9 Cascaval


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For me it would be:
Challenger 2 streetfighter 2

SHORAD Stryker

MQ-9 Reaper

M1A3 Abrams

M113 Sidam Anti-aircraft


I’ve been thinking I might like to build a T-62 soon. I think there are good kits of it available already, but I see Zvezda have announced a new tool kit for 2021. That works for me.

IDF M50, preferably late, on the 'A4 hull w/ HVSS
A Tamiya re-do of the M48, any, but the 'A3 would probably sell best.

Gee whiz Wally, that’s all I got.

Haha! Only 2?
I agree about M48 re-do. M48A3 will sell well. West German M48A2 will be welcomed, too.
Another honorable mention I was thinking was a new M60 slick without all the mistakes of Dragon kit.

Us old artillerymen need some love too. How about:

  • M777 155mm Howitzer
  • M119 105mm Howitzer in styrene now that Mouse House is no more
  • Corporal Missile on launcher
  • Little John Missile on launcher
  • Honest John Missile on launcher




That would be Riich or AFV Club:

Still waiting on AFV Club’s M8 GMC after they announced it … about a score of years ago…

Is it too late to mention my 5 all come with a caveat… Not by Dragon Black Lable…

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Would like to to see a LVTE. A number of folks have said they are doing one but it’s been vapor ware till now.

A new LVT series would also be nice.

Heya, Folks,

All in 1/35, I’d like to see:

  1. LVTE-1(one of my grail kits I’ve been waiting on from Amusing and AFV Club for a couple of years now, or so it seems…)
  2. M51 USMC tank retreiver
  3. Rome Plow bulldozer
  4. M211 truck
  5. Saracen armored car

And more, of course…

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.