Wish List of New Modern Kits for 2021- your top 5?

M56 Scorpion always tops my list, but there are others as well. I’d like an M106 with all the parts needed to change out the 4.2" for an 81mm with base plates. CAV units favored the 81mm in my day. Thought it was just the 1st Armored CAV, but have been informed the several other units did as well. A new retooled Ontos; not measured off the one in Indiana ( a preproduction prototype). A new tooled bridgelayer.

forgot the two most important ones! And they’re kinda modern even though the hulls are over forty years old. Of course that would be the Allison XM1 and the Chrysler XM1 tanks.

Most of my wishes are mentioned by others previously.
Hera are my top 5

  • More Stryker variants from AFV Club
  • A new tooled FMTV family, Trumpeter kits a re only mediocre and need too much
    AM stuff
  • Modern trailers of all kinds in plastic, M1101/1102 with platform variants, M1095
  • HEMTT A4 It seems that there are no more legacy HEMTT around.
  • Avenger AD truck
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Hello, here’s my first post in the new forum: my wishlist all styrene and 1/35:

  • M813 Truck Series (Cargo/Wrecker)
  • M105 Trailer (with tarp)
  • reworked M577 (the old Tamiya has too many issues)
  • M106A2 Mortar Carrier
  • M125A2 Mortar Carrier

Well, as you can see all in all cold war stuff and the thing I saw years ago here around Giessen in Germany.


Not a very exciting list from me as I am easily pleased lol

  1. CVR(T) missing fleet- Striker/Sultan/Samaritan/Samson/Spartan - Come on AFV club — You know it makes sense.

  2. MAN Support Veh trucks used by British Military.

  3. Chieftain or Challenger ARV - in styrene.

Thats me … :grin:

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A good M60 slick? Okay… three. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, if Tamiya or Takom did it…

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Yeah, I don’t think the AFV Club M992 was ever actually released - vaporware. And Riich has a 1/72 model but there’s no sign I can find of a 1/35 version actually sold anyplace.

1- Uparmored VAB
5-IDF M50 Howitzer

I don’t expect a lot on the 2 french beasts…

  • 1/35 Pinzgauer Special Operations Vehicle 6x6

  • 1/35 Armored Ground Mobility System

  • 1/35 BGBV 90 (ARV)

  • 1/35 M1A3

  • 1/35 M1245 M-ATV (Announced by Panda…)

Regards Freddy

I’d like to see some mid Cold War stuff in 1/35 injection plastic:
M53/55 SPG
M114 recon vehicle
M48 initial, no A1, A2, A3, A5
MBT-70 US version

LAV 6.0
MTVL/stretched M113


Yeah, more variants of M113s for sure. Endless possibilities with 80,000+ units produced over the years. :smiley:

My wish list for new modern era kits:

1 - M53/M55
2 - New tool Challenger I
3 - 2s4 Tyulpan
4 - IDF M50 Sherman
5 - Polish PT-91 Twardy

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O, yeah, new tooled Challenger I! Good choice. I hope RFM or Meng does one.

Here are mine:
Infantry Tank, Mk. 1, Matilda 1 (A11)
British Daimler armoured car
French AMR-35
New tooled Polish 7TPjw
Switzerland Panzer 68
One can but live in hope.

Considering the topic is new MODERN kits, there is a lot of WW2 and Pre-WW2 items in people’s lists!
:joy: :joy: :joy:

…but I second them all… :+1:

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Yeah, that’s expected even though this forum is located in the “modern” armor section (1970s~now).

Double-V hulled Stryker family
SHORAD Stryker
M1A2C Abrams
Caimen MRAP
Leopard 2PL


Well my first interruption of the word “Modern” I thought was to indicate kits produced using the latest mold technology and all new tooling.

So for me first up would be the

  • WWII Mack NO6 Artillery tractor
  • A3 HEMTT electric hybrid
  • A4 HEMTT
  • Separately available MLRS rocket pods for use as cargo loads.

Dont Legend do the rockets?