Work in Progress: Ukrainian T-72B (Dragon 1/35) ft. Ukrainian Flork with ERA!

Hey folks, I figured I’d do a short build log for a change rather than doing just finished models:

Finally found the time to work on a vehicle I’ve been meaning to do since the start of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine last year. I didn’t want to crack open a Trumpeter super-kit yet, so when I got my hands on this old Dragon T-72 kit, I knew it was a good opportunity to work on a Ukrainian tank.

After reading up on all the bad reviews on the kit, I was surprised to see that it went together with very little fuss. I did decide to use some spares I had to improve some of the smaller detail. I also added the missing front plate with ERA on the lower hull but I don’t know how I’ll go about gluing that yet. The ERA themselves are 3D printed. Still, I wish I had a replacement gun barrel - the kit is much oversized

After this, the model went through my typical process of priming + basecoating:

Here she is as of this evening. I was also inspired by the recent Ukrainian Flork memes, so I had a friend print an STL of someone who made them for free! (Credit to RattapoomK, link to the STL below)



Hey folks! Did some more painting on the ERA + painted on Ukrainian flags. Sorry for the low quality photo - will take better ones soon.


I love the little florks with the ERA blocks in their hands. :rofl:


Coming along nicely Nigel!


Thank you all for the kind words. Have been busy this week, so have been working on and off on this kit.

Have done a lot of weathering the since then, but I feel like doing a bit more to tie everything together. Maybe some chipping and another overall dust coat


Greetings everyone!

I’d like to show my finished build of this old Dragon T-72B with ERA - aided by some Ukrainian Florks holding up ERA from the meme :slight_smile: The kit was surprisingly easy to assemble, if albeit problematic in terms of accuracy. I added some 3D printed ERA blocks too, and some of the smaller parts were replaced with bits from the spares. I may have applied too much dust on the model to finish it up, but I don’t mind the dusty look - it just really toned down the contrast on the ERA which I previously worked on.

Anyway, thanks for looking!


Very nice and I think the dusting is just fine and not overdone. Looks very good …

I did a thread for built kits from the Ukrainian war …

Built Kits of Vehicles from the Current Ukraine War

Feel free to post some of the finished images there :+1:


Please don’t steal the Florks’ Valor, they obviously did all the hard work! :brick: :hugs:
Very nicely done! :hammer_and_wrench: :art::paintbrush:

—mike :grin:


Thanks John. I’ll post the T-72 and the T-62 I’ve built :slight_smile:


Yep they did a fine good job applying all the ERA. I’m kinda excited to see the Leopards with the ERA in action so I can replicate the meme already hehe, I have one extra flork that’s going to be painted as an angry member of the Bundeswehr