Workin' on the Railroad 2024

If I was to build the Cyber Hobby Schwerer Plattformwagen Typ SSy that comes with a Pz.Kpfw III, would I be obligated to build the ‘III’?

I ask as I just built a dozen III’s at once a couple years ago and am currently finishing two Stugs so I’m a little burnt-out on those. Plus, I would like to focus on achieving a good look on the ‘wood’ platform as well as making a base to replace the one provided.

For this campaign? The railcar by itself is fine…

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Oh good. So here is my start pic:

And where I ended up by dinner time:

I’ll be back on it after I finish my Spitfire for that campaign.


Fast start.

My students are testing this week so I de-sprued everything and cleaned them all up while monitoring them (I teach online) so assembly went quick. Plus the kit itself isn’t all that complicated. The hard part for me will be making the ‘wood’ look woody.

I have the same issue

Yes, but your kit is itself much better than Dragon’s basic kits.

Cool! And I just ordered a Revell Big Boy from Scalehobbiest.


So here is where I am with the Plattformwagen:

I just put on the decals and will upload load the final pics after I seal everything.

And since I have some time on my hands approaching I was thinking of starting another:


Nice looking wood.

Built. will prime it tomorrow.

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Well, since that didn’t take long should I go for a third?

This is another combo kit with a Takom Jagdpanther. The flatcar is a Sabre kit but apparently without any PE; just the basic kit. But it has more pieces than either the Dragon or Trumpeter kits and looks like a nicer tooling.

I have a fourth railway specimen I could also do but I will take care of these three first.

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You’re gonna need a bigger layout :slight_smile:

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Early model builder

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