Yeovil Model Show Sun 7 Apr 24


Just a heads up - for those based in UK least - at Yeovil, a small town in south west England. See the club’s flyer below:

I’ll be there within the auspices of Stonehenge Modellers; hope to see some of you there!


i bet the “for Sale” tables will be full. Have fun out there, Boots. :+1:

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I’ll be there in the ‘dome’ again with our very own Kitmaker British Bulldogs. Be nice to see you again and catch up.
No new armour I’m afraid, been working on winged things!

Luciano! Be great to see you again. No armour? Heresy!

Well I added some to the stash if that counts: Ferret, Fox, Scimitar, Scorpion, Samaritan, Scorpion 90, Stormer and Saladin, oh and a Stryker MGS.

That’ll do!

So disappointed … having looked forward to the show, I have now had to cancel my appearance.
Over the past few months, I have been suffering with nerve damage in my right arm and shoulder.
Despite several hospital visits, the issue is still unresolved, and am now struggling to use my right
arm and hand effectively. I have contacted Ken (the show organiser), and will hopefully make an
appearance at the October show.

Paul (small-scale diorama modeller)

Shame Paul; hope you get fixed.

I hope to be there Brian. I’m going gliding the day before (a present from a friend), but it’s already been postponed twice due to weather, and Sunday is the “back up” day for Saturday!. Anyway, if all goes to plan I’ll see you there. I should be with either Poole Vikings (Dorset IPMS) or Poole Scale Modellers (Wessex IPMS)!

Roger that Terry - see you there though I’m not too sure I’ll have that much new or completed.

Re gliding? Are you mad? From a military view - ie military glider ops - I mean, you start your operation with a crash FFS!

Anyway, assuming you’re not “dying at the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun, torn and twisted at the foot of a burning glider” (forgive my Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell modification), I’ll see you there!

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Looks like I won’t make the Yeovil show tomorrow after all. I’ve been having back problems on and off for a while, and today things have got worse. The painkillers I’ve been prescribed work, but driving is a no no :frowning:
Enjoy the show Brian and say hi to Pete for me!

Roger that.

(This is what happens when you go gliding - like I know what I’m talking about!)

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Sadly the gliding didn’t happen yet. Airfield has been waterlogged for weeks! It has now been re-scheduled for later in April.

Sounds like D Day, on, off, on - all due to the bloody weather.

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Have all a great day out there, folks! I’ll have my next model show in 3 weeks in France … :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Torsten, first one of the year for us (Stonehenge Modellers that is); sadly the only new model on the table will be my recently completed Spaepanzer Luchs. However, shows normally inspire!

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Dress Rehearsal for tomorrow’s show; sadly mostly repeat offenders, my only new model being my recently completed Luchs. A bit of colour with the warheads of the SS 11s on my AMX 13 though, and the red/white barriers on my Bundesgrenzschutz Mowag.

I decided to display some camouflaged models as that normally generates a bit of interest and discussion on techniques etc; I know this means that detail is obscured but I like my models to look as though they’re going about their day job as it were.

I’m also taking along a Work-In-Progress, my RU 251 recce tank and an M103A2 “Bundeswehr What-If”.

Anyway, looking forward to the first show of the year, as long as I can resist buying that “model I can’t live without(!)”


See you tomorrow Brian, second show for me displaying, third if you include attending the tank museum show but just to visit. No armour just displaying ships and doing some aircraft building Fairey P75 and Jag GR.1.

Brilliant! See you there.

Well, that’s the Yeovil show over and done with; a great little show and to be honest it was high time to get back in the modelling groove and actually exhibit; despite my repeat offenders there was much interest in our joint table.

Great too to catch up with “Littorio” (Luciano) once again who was beavering away on a most interesting aircraft project – the Fairey contender for the TSR-2.

As explained in the link on his blog, my partner in crime, Pete Smith and I both stumbled across a new acronym: STABLE – Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy which I hadn’t heard before and is so, so apposite!

Anyway, enjoy the show report here:

Pete’s Model World : Yeovil Model Show 7th April 2024 (