Your figure just keeps improving!

Awesome. Was taking a break from prepping F-15E parts for painting and saw this campaign starting up so…

While I have too many projects underway and intend to join campaigns in order of soonest expiration, this will give me something to do in the evening while I wait for paint to dry. I originally wanted to do this for the Sci-Fi Alternative History Campaign, but since it apparently does not qualify, I will do it here instead.

Here is my figure:

Pretty neat, huh? It’s a gargarimthis. You ask, “What is a gargarimthis?” I have no clue.

This will be a slow burn because other projects have priority. Since I am building a lot of armor, it will be 1/35 scale. Probably. Maybe? A diorama with a Panther tank and a gargarimthis would be pretty sweet.