Your figure just keeps improving!

Group Build Title: Your figure just keeps improving!

Group Build Leader(s): @Tank_1812

Group Build Description: Keeping it simple again, this is a successor to our figure build we did last year. Any figure, any scale, keep it clean!

Event Details:

Completion Award: Someone clever will come up with something good!


Woot woot! Thanks for setting this up Phil. :+1:

If you started one in the last campaign, didn’t finish (I don’t like the picture I see in the mirror) and want use that one in this campaign that is ok otherwise I think new projects only (convince me otherwise) for this campaign. That does not mean you have to use that figure, just the option is available.

I intend to finish one from the last build that I didn’t finish, BUT I will do something completely new this time around too.

:stopwatch: A 1 hour figure build. Great! :grin:

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Speed building!

Hmmm, how did that happen?

So, I fixed it now, but when you edit an event, all the folks who had said they are going get dropped and have to reclick to show up clearly. I’m sorry about that!

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Count me in. Might do these.


These are not my entries…

But you may remember this guy. I don’t think he was my entry for the last campaign, but I picked him up at the same time as I wanted to do SS camo:

Now on the thread about detecting a recast, here is one of my free figures from ebay. I have 3 figs from Alpine that I’m confident are genuine. This one was the best cast of the group with 0 cleanup (other than where I glued the right forearm on):

So I’m going to do them in SS camo.

Awhile back I purchased these Italeri sturmtruppen figs and put them together. I figure, as long as you’re doing a little of wss camo, why not do a lot?

They went together pretty well once I realized the instructions had no connection to reality and I was just trying to assemble figures that looked like the guys on the box art. The figs are on the one hand nice, nicely sculpted let me say, but that pose on the left is … reminds me of that weird art pose in the movie Airplane! if anyone remembers. And they are BIG. Much bigger than these Alpine figs and than some Dragon figs. So maybe these started life in a different scale?

Here’s side-by-side with the Alpine:

I’ll use them as paint mules for that cool WSS camo.

Now, does the MP40 ever get used entirely without a stock? I have the separate resin stock that goes with this fig. Extremely delicate - can’t really imagine it surviving the painting process…


Over on the sci fi site we were reminiscing about old Dungeons and Dragons type figures we have hidden in the closet… I shared some that I had, including a set I had started to repaint:

Would it be okay if I finished the whole set for this? Mainly the flesh is underway and the hair on two are base coated.


Since it’s the whole set, sure.


I am in with some Star Wars figures!! :raised_hands:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


More on my figures that came as part of an auction for a tank. It turns out I received 11 figures. 2 of them are guys on the back of a panther firing the AA MG at some overhead plane and I’m not sure I will make use of them. 2 of them are Alpine 12ss hitlerjugend, one with interesting camo coveralls, but they are fairly badly cast and after starting to clean them up I just decide to put them back in their bags. Here are the rest:

the one of the left was one I had purchased and started on before - see thread above. The two really with their heads down in the middle are Rado miniatures. The one on the right is an evolution miniature SS officer. All of these had virtually no cleanup, but there were a few issues.

Again, my original figure on the left, then two Alpine figs that were really easy.

These are the two Rado figures. The one guy is supposed to be holding his helmet. I couldn’t make that work but I’m thinking it’s my inability rather than any fault of the figure. The foldable MP40 butt was pretty mangled. I’ve ordered some Eduard MP40s and hope to use one from them.

Two more Alpine figures on the left and the Evolution officer on the right. The leftmost alpine figure had a badly warped rifle which I need to fix. And his left had was miscast so I’ll have to create some curled up fingers for him. The one on the right had a warped shovel handle which I’ll fix at the same time as the rifle (I hope).

The Evolution officer is way cool! You can’t see it, but he’s pulled a magazine out of its pouch and that’s in his left hand. I can’t quite figure out what is up with the MP40. The end of the barrel was cast separately, is tiny, and is bent. It’s so small it’s not fixable. Not sure whether to try to fabricate one or glue on a plastic one or a resin one, raided from somewhere else.

I built one and just started building another and that kept going until I was done. It’s quite an unexpected haul really.


I am doing these figures for this campaign. Actually planning to do them for another campaign, but only for this campaign. :slightly_smiling_face:

More to follow when we get started.


waving the starting flag now. Please begin! @SSGToms will hopefully put this in the correct place for us.


Got you covered. Campaign active.

How did I miss this one?
Count me in!

I desperately need to learn to do German camouflage.