1/35 IDF Puma CEV - Advice

I’m thinking of one of these for my next project, but i’d like some recommendations from someone who knows…

Reccommendation for metal (Friul) tracks

I’d prefer a mine plough rather than rollers - is there a plough out there?

Does the IDF use plows? Only pics I’ve seen are rollers, based on the Soviet ones the captured from the Arabs at various times.

The IDF does use plows, but I don’t know if they used them with Pumas.

A plough is rare and the adapter will be a challenge

Another option is the dozer, if I recall correctly someone built one and had copies available but cannot recall who.

Regarding the tracks you have two options:

Standard centurion tracks, which I think are supplied in the kit

or reinforced later style tracks which hobbyboss included in their nagmachon late kits

but I have not found an aftermarket supplier for those.


The plows you see here on the earlier posts were tests. And not on operational vehicles. Over here we test every option available then pick the best one and improve it.
The rollers have proven themselves
Over and over again and are still used today

But it’s up to you.

If you have it or know a friend that will loan you his copy I’d look at M. Mass’s book on it and see if he has more info.
Or Dr. Robert Manashov’s book ( the better value of book since they come with scale drawings and more accurate data).


I’m going with the rollers, the Hobby Boss kit comes with the Nochri Dalet Mine Roller System, which works for me. I just think the plough looks more aesthetically pleasing (an odd requirement I know).


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Forget about that amazing work on the dozer blade!

Like many, I would have saved up my paper route money for one of those, too…

Was the builder ever able to produce and sell the dozer blade and assembly?

I’d still be in for one!

Am surprised Hobby Boss has not produced the dozer blade themselves, as it would allow them to market yet another variant of their base Puma kit… No doubt they will announce this, immediately after many of us spring for the resin dozer blade…if it ever becomes available.

Thanks for the reminder, RR!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.

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