1/35 m1a1

The Abrams is coming along well. Very nice.

I went back thru to refresh with your build and I’m a little jealous this build looks amazing I wish mine came close. I do have one question what does the IFOR decal stand for that’s a little before my time in the army.

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Implementation Force

Question . . . What color would be more correct?


most of the .50s that I remember were a pretty steady flat black. I personally don’t even like using the gun metal black as I think it is too metallic for most firearms.

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That frs thread really escalated quickly! Hahaha
A scale 1075 pls would definitely be awesome, could easily turn into a fictional gun truck… but the market is in desperate need for more ww2 kits, especially panzer 4’s :roll_eyes:
Anyways i got the hull done for the most part


I gonna do a little review here or give some tips or whatever… I been practicing with the streaking effects, i used both AK rain marks for NATO tanks and weathering pencils. They both look exactly the same but they both behave differently when trying to get a result…. Using the pencils are definitely faster but when i was trying to fade or “pull” the steaks, it would rub off almost completely. Where i was trying to do the same with AK’s rain marks, it was easier to work with because i had more control over the fade and pull with the use of white spirits but definitely more time consuming. Overall i think both techniques came out pretty good


Tell me about it, our whole Regiment got sent out on Christmas Day 1995 for a six month tour as part of IFOR.

We had 3 weeks’ notice.

It was my second tour of Bosnia, but wouldn’t be my last, I did three all together - the final one as SFOR.


I finally finished! i took these pictures in my top notch Photo Booth haha! Let me know what you think




That was a lot of pictures…

It looks great. Nice job on painting and finishes.

Nice job, really nice! Couple questions, can you fit the engine in the engine bay? What did you use for the orange hoses?

Ah! Charlie Troop 1st of the 1st Cav!!! I know folks that would like it

Sorry for the late response but i used whatever gauge wire this was for the hoses

And yes the engine fits perfectly in the bay


This was really an awesome model to build and ryefield did a really awesome job with this kit! I wanna thank everybody who helped me with this project!

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