1/48th Tamiya F-35 - "Fifth Generation"

I’m waiting for the C variant as well. Keep yp the great work.

Underside is almost done, just a few masks left. Then I’ll go around and tape up any topside/underside gaps on the edges and be off to painting the RAM coating.


You’ve become a masking master.


Eventful day today! I put the last of the masks on and painted the RAM coating. I still need to paint the canopy and the radome their respective colors, oh! and the panels by the intakes. Once that’s done I’ll post-shade the RAM as I did with the main body, and then the last few decals will go on before all of the masking can come off and I can start the weathering process.

Is it weird I enjoyed masking this?

I re-black based the RAM coating areas just so I had a uniform canvas.

I mixed up about a 50/50 ratio of the FS36170 and FS36270 to make the RAM coating color, as FS36270 was too light by itself (and that’s the color for the radome and canopy as well, having the RAM being the same color wouldn’t work for differentiation now would it?). I tested this out on my original test spoon to be sure I’d be happy with the difference in colors and that it looked close to my references.


  • Nick

Yes, not as bad as folks that like individual tracks or PE but you’re on the edge of the abyss. :upside_down_face:


I’ll take indie tracks over that masking nightmare any day :thinking:

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I wouldnt call it a nightmare-it has numbered pieces like a puzzle.


Thank’s for sharing the gorgeous masking work!


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I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut about liking indy workable tracks…oops! :rofl:

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Masked up the extra bits I needed to like the radome and the few areas around the engine as well as the panels by the intakes and got them painted in FS36270 and then went through and post-shaded one last time. Not pictured is the clear gloss coat before decals. Hoping to have the decals on and the masks off by Thursday. We’ll see!

Nearing the end on this one, I need to figure out what I want to do for weathering, but these tend to be pretty clean so there shouldn’t be too much there. Biggest headache towards completion will be doing the wingtip lights. I need to figure out how to mask those…OH! and of course the fire-y bit of the engine.


It’s normal to like individual working track. Welcome to the loony bin. :crazy_face::upside_down_face:
I have made up two tanks worth this year and I haven’t even started working on one of those kits. Was kinda of thinking about starting another set. :man_shrugging: