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Potentially in.

Since @Pete posted pics of his mini Dio’s, a group build idea came to myself and @G-man69.
Would people be interested in a Dio group build for 1/72 and below. Each Dio would have a base area the same size as A4 paper - the standard size. No bigger and no smaller.
After seeing what @Pete achieved in small scale, we both thought it worth investigating as a group build as neither G or myself knew if one had been done before. Also, on an A4 base area, you could get so much more going on and displayed. It would be over 12months from Jan to Dec, and I would sort out the other rules and regulations etc if it went ahead. It would also be open to all sites so I will post this in the uncategorised section as well so everyone can see it. Any takers ?

Myself and G @G-man69 came up with the cunning idea of doing a Group build but as a Dio based theme in the scale of 1/72 and only on A4 sized paper base area. The sizes and scales have changed slightly, but the concept is the same — small is good !!! The idea was inspired after seeing the amazing creations of Pete @Pete.
As we all new, due the way the new site works, there sadly wont be a ribbon for this or probably any of the Group builds (campaigns). Just enjoy what you build, and what others produce. Others will hopefully look in and be inspired like I was.
Operational Overview
Primary objectives:

  1. To build a mini diorama in the scale of 1/72 and or smaller.
  2. The dio dimensions must be the paper sizes of either A4 or A5 or A6- if you are unsure of the exact measurements, ask here or google them.
    Focus is on creativity and the WOW factor of maximising what you can create within small confines.
    You can use whatever aftermarket, resin or photo-etch you want to bring the kit’s level up.
    Any types of model and environment is within the realms of possibility. – Land/Air/Sea and Space.
    Secondary objective: - Enjoy , learn and have fun

The Rules and Regulations:
• Pictures: as these are no longer an issue within this new site. Do as many as you can – that’s an order !!!
• No started kits.
• At least one picture showing the dio base size with proof of dimensions- they do not have to be exact, but within a few mm to stick to the principles of the build. ( the whole point is small scale & small working area.)
• Start 01 Jan 2021 – Finish 01 Jan 2022.
• Possible finish extension if you are close to finishing and need a few more tweaks.

Use this to post any ideas, questions etc about the group build, as when 01 Jan comes about, I will make this into the Official thread.

After a chat with Gulfwarrior, we no longer need the magic number of 10 people to make it official, so once a decent number have said yes …. Its good to go …… Which we now have !!


Interesting idea, I think the A4 is to large for anything other then ships at this scale. A5 or A6 would be realistic for 1/72 armor imho.

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Sounds good, and would join.

I am in! (of course) :smiley:
This is A4: (scale 1:87)

This is A5: (scale 1:72)

This is A6: (scale 1:144)


Great stuff Pete.

Ok , I get that. After looking at @Pete and what he has done with A4, A5 and A6 I think I would make those the 3 sizes the modeller can opt for, but the sizes would need to be adhered to. I would still go with A4 as I love that scene with the Leopard family of wagons.

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Pete, those look outstanding, sadly though I am going to have to ban you from this group build as you will put all of us to shame !!!

Of course I’m only kidding. They look fantastic and with you in the build, it will be great to have your knowledge of how to do certain techniques etc.

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I am slow builder so the extra space and work would make me say no.

I do have a 1/72 kit build due in April so this will work for me.

It’s going to be a 12 monther as these sort of builds do take time, so your April time frame would fit in. We can also extend if people need it towards the end.

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@Johnnych01 you can bump me to confirmed. The 1/72 kit building is happening. I will make the base conform to the smaller A5 or A6 requirements.

My kit is the UM DT-45.

The only other 1/72 armor kit I have left that I might add is the UM SU-122.

I plan to make something similar to the Vallejo country road cross with railway.

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Cool, that kit looks good as well… Maybe a mini transport rail head or siding…if the rail crossing doesn’t pan out. :grin:
And confirmed :+1:

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Is everyone happy for this to stay here in the mixed group builds ? Will be a bit easier when I make it official ??
I can add quick links to the Air/Sea/auto/sci Fi threads then for info ?

Sounds like a good plan.

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How big is A4 in inches or metric?

8-1/4 x 11-3/4in

210 x 297mm :+1:

I’ve had an idea for years to build a 1/700 diorama of a U-boat coming under attack from a Coastal Command aircraft. I have a couple of Liberators, Sunderland’s and Wellington’s to choose from.
Would fit nicely on a base of those sizes.

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That sounds like you might be a willing participant in this madness ?? And the scene you mentioned sounds really good.

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Why not, sounds fun!
Will have to check the stash to see if I have a U-boat. I know I have a couple of subs but can’t remember what exactly.

Well we have 6 confirmed for this now… I didn’t think it get to that many after only a few days.
I had better thrash out the rules and regs now !!

Please see my initial post here for background and rules and regs… enjoy … and start researching your builds :smile: