1/72 HMCS Snowberry (K-166) Flower class Corvette

Ok so Im Moving the build to this new thread. The Kit I will be using is the Revell Flower class corvette 1/72 platinum edition, I will get it in about 2 weeks as its being shipped from the UK. I started this thread early so If anyone has any tips and corrections on how to improve the kit they can post them. Im planning on pretty much building it OOB (with the included PE and wood decks) and not buying anymore detail sets, but I will be scratch building many details omitted by the Revell kit. Im looking forward to this build because of all details i can squeeze in because of this large scale, as well as it will look great next to my Cobia and Schnellboot!


My father served almost 4 years on HMCS Snowberry from 1941-44. He was promoted to a LCDR and went on to command another Flower Class Corvette.
Snowberry was an original Flower leased to the RCN.
She fought in many convoy battles and helped sink a U Boat

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Welcome to kitmaker! Wow thats really cool about your father! I hope I can do this build justice!

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There is lots of useful information in this book:

even if the Agassiz was a short forecastle type.

Trawling the net for the various types of deck equipment will also be useful.
The plastic parts can be improved, to say the least …

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Will be watching wit interest!

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I know I am on board with this build - looking forward to it.



Will be watching with interest.
I recently scored Revells 1/144 HMS Buttercup and it’s a beautiful kit. I can imagine the ribbing the crew of that ship got for it’s name!

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Imagine being on a ship named after your mother-in-law, HMS Battleaxe …

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Ooh cool Stehen, does it have the same problems the 1/72 kit has with the deck planking detail? Ive been trying to think of a fairly easy way to remove the detail and I thought what if I covered the deck in a thickish brush painted layer of mr.surfacer then sanded the deck down? Any ways here are the list of corrections I will do once I get the kit.

Extra-large keel ground off

Bilge rails are way too large and thick, replacing with PE rails from the kit.

Deck and Fittings
All decks needs to have the fake reversed wood paneling taken off

Some water tight doors and other materials for the foc’sle

Additional decking added at the stern of the engine casing

Anchors need work and the hawse pipe is a joke

Hull Splinter Shields, will need to be thinned

Lockers all need hinges and detailing

Wooden decks added forward and aft and in the well deck area

Lifeboat Davits need lots of work

Boat Deck needs to be scratch-built and wood planking added, it will need lots of work as the kit is sad in details here

Oval Life Rafts, need some work, not that bad

Lifeboats, fortunately 1942 the smaller square stern life boats were in use and not the Whaler…but major internal work will be required. Things like oars, rudder, ribs, thwarts, etc.

Hatches need detailing

Rope & Cable Reels need detailing or replacement

Small Ventilators need detailing

Search Lights need some pretty major work

Radar Lantern House…depending on early or late 1942 will determine if I need this, it needs a door, holes in the grate, etc.

Bridge Splinter Shields/Splinter Mats…kit ones are a little sparse

Rail Dodgers see above, going to built the pipe rails and then add some tissue paper (If I use them)

Flag Box (might) need a complete replacement

Assorted Lockers need hinges and butterfly clips

Bridge Voice Pipes need some detailing

Engine Room Casing
Watertight Doors…the kit versions are really poor

Funnel is a decent representation, but the rivets are such a noticeable feature, I may replace it.

Funnel Ladder, kit version is pretty simple

Steam Pipes on Funnel

Large ventilators really need some work as the kit versions are simple and too thick

Placement of gear and other changes are necessary

4-inch Main Gun & Shield with scratch-built parts

Bandstand for the above will need treads and a replacement for the ammunition holders as well as some mesh and other detailing

2 Pdr needs alot of scratch-building

The 2 Pdr Bandstand tub needs to be modified and a tread added

Depth Charge Throwers have about the same level of the other weapons, I think some framing for the base and a little detail work will make them acceptable.

Depth Charges are a little weak, but with some cutting off of extra parts and some paint detail they can work.

The stalks are really too small and will have to be replaced, as well as stalk carrier detail.

Floater Nets & Racks

Phew now looking back thats alot of work! :joy: :sweat_smile:

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I’m not sure about the deck to be honest. Will have to look and get back to you.
I do know the issue with the deck of the 1/72 has been a known problem and criticism for a number of years, so one would assume Revell were aware and got their own new tool right. But they could have been lazy and copied it. Got me wondering about that now.

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About all those raised caulking seams on the wooden decks …
Would it perhaps be just as easy to replace them with new decks cut from sheet styrene?
Get a large smooth surface and start adding details instead of trying to get a smooth surface by sanding around existing details.

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Hi Ezra!

That’s really quite a list… I’m looking forward to this build of yours, too, and will be watching!


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Hi Jan! I’ve been wondering does anyone know if the 20mm oerlikons have a base like the kit provides or it has the big round Shell catching thingy? (yes that is 100% the technical term :joy:)
So this is how it comes in the kit.
But this is how I see most Flowers built with.
Is one better for the Snowberry or was it like a refit or what?

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Check out this web-site:

There is an aerial view from astern allowing a look into the bridge
I get the impression of simple cones without platforms.
No clues on the refit questions, ships with a long hectic career tend to change appearance over time …
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Thanks Robin, I zoomed pretty close into one of the pictures and it looks to me they are just the cones as well.

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I checked my Agassiz book, Agassiz was built with a short forecastle and later rebuilt with an extended forecastle in 1944. The top view after the rebuild shows Oerlikons with the stepped rings around them so I assume that it ws some late war modification to make it easier for the gunners to handle both low and high angle targets.

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The 1/72 and 1/144 kits from Revell are different, the 1/144 version has the raised platforms and the 1/72 kit doesn’t …

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Thats strange, does the 1/144 kit come with markings for the snowberry?

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Oooh yah that’s weird I wonder which kit is inaccurate…

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