1/72 Messerschmitt 109s, a mixed bunch!

2021 seems to become the year of the 109 for me. As long as I can remember, it has been a favourite of mine, but for some reason I’ve built very few of them.

Even it the build results have been meagre, there is no lack of kits in the stash, not at all! Many years ago I did a FineMolds 109F-2 but the rest of the kits have just hung around in the stash (and there are even more than can be seen in the photo above…). The FineMolds kits are really nice and they are easy builds. Sadly, they are a bit difficult to obtain and they are also rather expensive for a small kit. Most of the ones in my stash were bought second hand or at reduced prices when I’ve happened to find one, some I even got as gifts from friends who can spot a good Magnus-present when they see one :slight_smile: !

This build was mainly triggered by a sudden interest in Hans-Joachim Marseille so for the time being I will be concentrating on the top kit in the photo, leaving the others for a rainy (or possibly snowy…) day.

Not that common but in this case certainly logical - sand coloured plastic!

Oh well, I couldn’t stick to just one build. This one has been in my stash for a while (I think I bought it in Moson a few years ago directly from AZ), the two-seater is a fun variant! Looking high and low for a suitable subject to do, I found an Italian late-war machine that ticked all the right boxes. A minor let-down was that it was based on the G-6 while the kit is specified as being based on a G-4, going through the prolific amounts of plastic in the box I quickly found a pair of breech bulges instantly transforming the -4 in to a -6!

The kit! A full standard-109 with a spare sprue for the two-seater-specific parts. Note that there is no canopy for a single seater though so don’t buy this one if you want to do a single seater (can’t see why anyone would but now you have been warned :slight_smile: )

I look forward to see how this one turns out, there are quite a lot of detail and loads of spares making it possible to do all kinds of 109 variants from the same basic sprues. It lacks the refinement of the FineMolds kits but I would say fairly good for being short runs.

And suddenly we’re a bit on the way!

If you haven’t seen me complain about it before, I would like to tell you that I don’t like photo etch. I can’t really handle it. It doesn’t turn out that well. I don’t enjoy it. And there is always super glue everywhere after my misadventures… I found these plastic belts by chance and decided to give them a try. OK, they don’t solve all my problems (I’m still slightly overweight and a bit slow on my road bike…) but they can be glued using ordinary plastic glue and if they were just a tiny bit thinner it would have been possible to drape them even better. As they are now they are at least a bit better than photo etch and they stay put after gluing, something that PE never does! They come in a bunch of variants from WWII era up to modern age jets and from several nations, with four sets of belts in each box. Try them, you might like them!

Quite tidy when in place if I may say so myself!

FineMolds kits are easy builds and from cracking the box to a complete 109 is a matter of hours really!

The two-seater! With a closed canopy and a dark grey cockpit there is no reason for doing the details to death, it is more important that it LOOKS detailed!

Recent research has shown that the main reason for Marseille’s victories was his use of a Quickboost-sight…




I don’t mind using PE, but those Fine Molds seat belts look really fine! With four belts per box, are they all the same, or for various aircraft?
:grinning: :canada:

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@Biggles50 They are all the same in the box! Belts though seem to follow the nationality more than the aircraft maker, there were the same belts in an FW-190 as in a Bf-109! I am sure there were exceptions but as a set of “Standard German Seatbelts” they are perfectly adequate :slight_smile: !


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:grinning: :canada:

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ah, now how did I miss this!?!??! :astonished:

Watching with interest, of course, Magnus :cowboy_hat_face:

PS. I feel that’s not something one could say if the box was red, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :rofl:

PPS, you and me both, Brother! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Those belts certainly look the part especially once you had painted them, I also spy bits on sticks so that’s me following along. Oh and those cockpits look the business :slight_smile:

Friends! Thanks a lot for keeping me company! I’m a bit slow on both updates and answers but rest assured, I appreciate your comments a lot!

A bit of primer on our North African friend…

…and some paint-testing. Feels a lot more Italian than German for the time being I dare say…

These are the paints! RLM78 and RLM79 out of the bottle will result in an intense blue and a rather aggressive yellow (I’ve tried that on my FW-190-build a year ago and so so I won’t go down that rabbit hole once again!). I’ve used a 4:3 mix of RLM78/RLM76 and a 5:1 mix of RLM79/Dark Earth but I’m still not entirely convinced. Maybe a drop of red in the brown? Stay tuned!

And then there is the G-12…

Putty monster take I…

…and putty monster take II…

I could have done it cleaner but there is no way to avoid filler in this case, the moulds have been optimised for commonality between a multitude of 109 versions, not for buildability! I suppose I could have pilfered the twin cockpits and the canopy and used a different kit but that seems a bit cowardly to me…

A rather nice cockpit without too much work at least!




More 109 goodness, from the master! :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I the only one who can’t see Magnus’ pictures?

No problems here :+1::cowboy_hat_face:

I can’t see them either. Firefox reports them as an unencrypted security threat. If I view the thread in reader view (the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with writing to the right of the address bar (F9)) they appear. Hope it helps.

P.S. They’re also visible if you right click on the image and “open image in new tab”.

P.P.S. I just moved kitmaker to a container and everything displays normally.

Thanks. Yeah, it’s a firefox issue I guess - I can open them in a new tab. And thanks for the pointer to the “reader view” - I had never tried that (in fact had never noticed it).

Strange as I am viewing then in Firefox…

Might be a security setting?

I can’t figure out what’s going on. The pictures were displaying in a container tab and now have stopped. Strangely, it’s only this thread. The rest of the forum displays normally.

Stranger and stranger, but I notice that these photos can’t be “popped open” to view in a window, as in other threads… :thinking:

Friends! Regarding the photos: nothing new from my side. Same way as I’ve always done it, I hope it works now! I get the impression that the photos are actually uploaded to Aeroscale nowadays, making them independent of my own web hosting.

With the Christmas holidays started (actually yesterday already!) I took the time to mask and paint the crosses and the number “14”…

…and today I’m doing the decals, a few at a time.

I immediately decided upon the markings with the red rudder just to notice later on that it actually is fairly boring. No squadron shield, no outlines to the numbers, not even white wingtips… Oh well, the kit contains FOUR different options and I have more 109F:s that can be used if I feel like it later. Regarding the decals, the FM decals are OK but a bit thick. I try to use whatever stencils and smaller stuff there is from the Special Hobby 109E, all are not the same between the versions but quite a few are usable.




Good work on “Yellow 14”, Magnus! I also need to build a Marseille 109, otherwise my collection would be incomplete. Have decals and kits, just need to start … :shushing_face:

Believe it or not, but there’s someone else watching your build …

Nice work. When I click open image in new tab it gives me a url on privat.bahnhof.se …

Copying it in, it displays in the thread where none of the other pics do, fwiw.


Interesting comments about the pics guys.

FWIW, since moving to the new site I’ve found it very easy to simply upload the photos directly to my posts using the picture icon :hugs:

@BlackWidow I just love the fact that he sits directly on top of a 400 litre fuel tank with a cigarette in his mouth :grin: ! Adds some extra emphasis to the fact that smoking is unhealthy…